Training times.
Your training times look like they are very long. You should have 10+ barracks and 6-8 cottages. Why? EACH BARRACK increases training times by 10 percent. EACH BARRACK LEVEL increases training times by 1 percent. Also, 6-8 cottages lvl 7+ is more than enough population. When you train, while you are training, the population that you used to train troops or wall defenses will COME BACK. Now, you may be worried about gold? DO NOT FOCUS ON GOLD PRODUCTION. You barely get any gold from taxes. Only make you tax percentage high enough to cover your salary. Get your gold by farming or asking for it! So by deconstruction your cottages and build a lot more barracks will increase your training times (for troops not walls)

What many people dont know is that you only need one high knight to manage your city. RIGHT before you train troops, make your highest knight as a marshal. This will drastically decrease your training times. After you click train, unassign your knight from marshal and make it a steward again! Once you press "train" the time needed to train your troops WILL NOT CHANGE. Do this with everything else too. RIGHT before you research, make your highest knight an alchemist. After you hit "research" unassign your knight from alchemist. Your researching time will not change! Then you can just switch your highest knight back to steward! Before you TRAIN WALL DEFENSES OR BUILD A BUILDING OR UPGRADE A BUILDING put your highest knight as a foreman. AGAIN, once you press build or upgrade, the time needed to build or upgrade WILL NOT change even though you unassigned it. Then, like a said before, switch you highest knight back to steward.

Managing High Upkeep (2 cities)
train all of your troops in your first city. Then reinforce or reassign them to your second city. Your second city will have too much upkeep and your food will go to 0. That is okay! Even though your food is 0, your troops will not die. Whenever you want to train or build something, just send yourself food from your first city!!!

I use my first city for food and wood. My second city for ore and stone. Separating your production like this actually boosts up your production because of how many wilds you can have. It makes it a lot more efficient! Then, of course, you can transfer resources between the two cities. Make sure your base production is high though. The wilds boost and stewards boost and power ups boost is all based on your base production.

Tax System.
Your happinessf is calculated by this. 100 - TR TR is your tax rate and 100 is your happiness. So if your tax rate is 10 percent the equation would look like this 100 - (10) which equals 90. Your happiness is now 90.

What Happiness Has to Do With Population.
If your population limit is 10,000 and your happiness is 90, that means your population will be 90 percent of your population limit. Which in this case, your population would be 9,000.

When you attack a player with high might, use your highest knight. (unassign your knight from all roles so you can use it for marching) this also applies for reinforcing. Your knight level gives your troops an attack boost.