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New Player Guide- ver 2

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  • Sir Willy
    Originally posted by Unregistered View Post
    I am beginner and would like to know how I can defend my city when attacked?
    if ur new player dont open ur city. only open city with a 200+ knight. Samo prob add how to do that here soon

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  • sir BALDRICK

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  • Noob_5BPX9L7
    hi im ebrhim il whtyjdh,as dewodwk


    Originally posted by EdwardsII View Post
    Join the new alliance , first kingdom

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  • EdwardsII
    Join the new alliance , first kingdom

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  • GuiltyCol
    > WILD FLIPPING - a great way to hurt people

    I'd have to disagree with that. That's a commonly held belief, but it's wrong. It assumes that people who have their wilds flipped, will then attack unoccupied wilds to replace them.

    They don't. If they're bothered by wilds at all (many top players don't bother with them anymore) they just go and steal replacement wilds off someone else. Flipping wild achieves only 2 things:

    1) Spreads the hassle down the chain to people who it might actually bother.

    2) Wastss everyone's time, including your own.

    Ultimately it's a pointless tactic that at best makes you desperate and weak, and at worst pees someone off and gives them your coordinates.

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  • LordMalcome
    [QUOTE=LordBleekZero;750755]Samo, come on over to Guinevere 18. I've noticed a few glaring omissions and or mistakes in your thread.

    You miss the part where it is a beginners guide? Mostly deals with the first week while in protection mode?

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  • LordMalcome
    Originally posted by Unregistered View Post
    I am beginner and would like to know how I can defend my city when attacked?
    Sir I wouldn't. You're a beginner don't even try. Keep all resources below protection limit. Don't worry about the gold or join an alliance and see if one of the higher might players can hold it (or ship it out to someone in your alliance when an attack is incoming). If you are attacked and they get nothing they will not bother coming back. Your protection limit can be found by tapping on the black bar at the top of your city. Upgrading shrinkpowder and storehouse increases protection limit.

    Having said that....

    If you see an attack coming in and feel like fighting. First ship out your gold because by the time you look in the watchtower it may be too late. Then check your watchtower, tap on incoming attack and have a look. If you think you can take him then go for it. Tap on castle/ overview/ unhide troops/ set your highest to marshal and wait.

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  • LordBleekZero
    Lets be the agressor!

    Samo, come on over to Guinevere 18. I've noticed a few glaring omissions and or mistakes in your thread. (1.) You can build troops and upgrade in your troop city. All you have to do is transfer food over from your food city. You will have to transfer a large sum and que up training right away, but you can que up to the total number of barracks you have. Which brings me to my second point. (2.) You need more barracks and less cottages. A very active player has 4 cottages and 1 resource field of each kind. If you have only one embassy in your troop city that frees up a spot for another barracks. Also, i suggest buying your second city from the get go and not building a round tower. You cant demolish the round tower and once you obtain your second city it is worthless. there is another barracks. (Keep in mind that for every barracks you have it increases your training time by 10%.) Once all of your research is completed you can demolish your alchemy labs in both cities, freeing up 2 more spots for barracks. Some players even demolish both their storehouses to free up spots. Now lets talk about resources. (3.) I know you were wondering how to get resources after you demolish all your resource fields and abandon your wilds. This is how its done, one word FARMING. Farm, Farm, Farm.......Attack other players for there resources. Most players are defensive and they hide their troops. Send one wagon to any player above 500K might and if the report comes back with any resources. Then send 1500 wagons and clear them out!!!!! I farm Millions in resources every day. So, much in fact that i send it to other friends. Who in turn use some of it and send some back when i need it. Which brings me to my fourth point. (4) Your store house will only protect up to 1.7 mil at level 9 and level 9 research, so you need to keep your resources below protection limit. This is done two ways, one is to keep your training Ques full for all your barracks. Two find a might Hugging friend and use them as a bank. (5) ALLIANCES: top alliances have the most resources floating around so if you want to get them you have to attack them. Find a alliance that will let you do this, these players will be set up to take hit and won't care about retaliation. Actually if your a success full farmer you should be getting attacked up to like 100 times a day. My personal best for being attacked in one day is 900 times. (6) WILD FLIPPING, this act is frowned upon by most alliances, but is a great way to hurt people with out spending any might. You can capture most peoples wilds with 1 wagon and it costs them a lot more to retake it once you have abandoned it. It makes for some real juicy hate mail also. ALWAYS FUNNY!!! (7) Wall defenses, don't build them and if you do set your highest level knight as Marshal. Defending troops with out a Marshall have a knight rank of zero. A high level attacking knight will decimate your wall without a marshal. Players that are set up to take a hit never build wall and always hide their troops. They can get hit all day long and never lose might. Their resources are qued up or shipped out so they rarely get farmed. If you like to ruffle peoples feathers this is the set up for YOU!! Want to join a Waring alliance come to Guineve 18 and request to join Top100Killers. Or Message LordBleekZero (the most hated player in Cameltown) and I can walk you through it.

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  • GuiltyCol
    Very nice beginner's guide Samo. It certainly gets people going with how to play the game, paving the way for more advanced strategies later. Well done.

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    Arcane Empire

    Thank you to all who have replied. I appreciate the props.

    I wanted to state that this guide is relevant to Kabam's Arcane Empire. I enjoy the different graphics and atmosphere that Arcane Empire provides.

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  • LordMalcome
    It's pretty simple, don't. Keep your troops hidden (95% of players do this). Try to use your gold as soon as you can. Use your resources up so they don't exceed your storehouse limit. Wall defenses are a waste of resources. Better to put those resources into upgrading fields, storehouse and other buildings. Join an alliance and give away what you can't use. If you don't have excess good that someone can take they'll move on and attack someone else.

    Originally posted by Unregistered View Post
    I am beginner and would like to know how I can defend my city when attacked?

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    How do you assign troops to defend your city?

    I am beginner and would like to know how I can defend my city when attacked?
    Originally posted by Samo View Post
    IX. Buying Gems
    Buying Gems can be a contentious issue for many Players. Many I have talked with are dead set against buying Gems for real life money. But secretly they have a level 200 Knight assigned to some great purpose…If you think using real life currency to buy in-game items or currency is just wrong then please feel free to skip this section, or note that my description of Gem items might be useful to you should you win some from a Quest reward or Merlin’s chance game.
    Buying Gems from Kabam is a great way to support the company in refining KoC:BftN. Gems can also save you time in accomplishing your goals. Yes, the game was designed to have long wait times as you progress. Can you make a great game with no money? A Player’s time is a precious commodity, and so is the Player’s real life money. I’d only advocate spending real life money for Gems (insert game currency) if I decided KoC: BftN (insert any game name) was the game I wanted to invest time and money in. World of Warcraft comes to mind for more expensive monthly fees…

    Here’s the dollar vs Gems exchange rate as of the latest version’s date. Feel free to convert dollars to your local currency.
    100 Gems $9.99
    240 Gems $19.99
    375 Gems $29.95
    665 Gems $49.99
    1600 Gems $99.99
    50 Gems $4.99

    As you can see, buying more Gems will net you more Gems for your money. The items section I will discuss next also has this mindset in play- the more time reduced the fewer Gems it will cost you. My list of items is not comprehensive.

    Miscellaneous items are other items that can’t be classed in one area of the game.

    Magical Token- cost: 5 Gems. A Token is used to randomly select a prize on the Merlin’s chance game. It is important to note that a player receives one Magical Token per 24 hour period. If a Player saves 6 Magical Tokens then the Premium Merlin game can be played for higher Gem worth items.

    Divine Inspiration- cost: 100 Gems. This item allows the Player to construct a level 10 building from an existing level 9 building.

    Second City Deed- cost: 225 Gems. The 2nd city deed allows a Player to construct a second city. You could go crest hunting for 100 crests and get a second city deed. See my discussions in previous sections and below.

    Portal of Refuge- cost: 30 Gems. This Portal can be used to teleport a Player’s city to a new random location on the map.

    Portal of Order- cost: 90 Gems. Want to be near your alliance friends? Then this item will get you as close as the nearest available Flat.

    Merlin’s Cloak- cost: 90 Gems. Did you choose a name that just annoys you now? Use this item to change your Player in-game name.

    Speed Up
    Speed up items allow a player to reduce the time it takes to do a task in game, such as research, recruit, build, upgrade, or attack. These item types have a suffix of Hourglass. Most Players suggest using speed ups to reduce attack times during a critical moment.

    Squire- cost: 1 Gem. Task time reduced by 1 minute.

    Knight- cost: 5 Gems. Shaves off 15 minutes from task time.

    Guinevere’s- cost: 10 Gems. Good bye 1 hour from task time.

    Morgana’s- cost: 20 Gems. Adios 2.5 hours from your task time.

    Arthur’s- cost: 50 Gems. Task time lowered by 8 hours.

    Merlin’s- cost: 80 Gems. Thank you, Merlin, for taking 15 hours off my task time.

    Divine- cost: 120 Gems. You must be desperate for time to need this 24 hour reduction from task time.

    Many Players agree that combat type items are the best place to spend your Gems, besides getting a second city deed. Combat items can help level your Knight, increase troops life or attack, and aid in defending your city.

    Training with Kay- cost: 8 Gems. Increase your Knight’s experience by 1,000. As your Knight increase level it takes more experience to gain the next levels. Expect a 1-2 level increase at lower levels.

    Training with Galahad- cost: 30 Gems. Increase your Knight’s experience by 10,000. Expect a 5-10 level increase at lower levels.

    Training with Arthur- cost: 100 Gems. Increase your Knight’s experience by 50,000. Expect 30-40 level jump at lower levels.

    12H Dove of Peace- cost: 30 Gems. Got a Player who’s owning your city? Use this item to stop attacks on your city for 12 hours.

    Blood Frenzy- cost: 60 Gems. Increase troop attack by 20% for 7 days. This item works for March selections which are attacks on other Player cities.

    Blood Lust- cost: 10 Gems. Same as Blood Frenzy but lasts 24 hours.

    Stoneskin- cost: 60 Gems. Increases defending troops life by 20% for 7 days. Turtles rejoice!

    Barkskin- cost: 10 Gems. Same as Stoneskin but last 24 hours. Do your troops look fashionable in stone or bark?

    Resource type items either give you resources directly in the city selected or allow you to increase resource production in the selected city for X time. Personally, I’d read the “Economy” section of the guide to get my own resources and build up my Steward Knight’s level. The Gem cost for resources can be steep vs you producing/earning/stealing your own. You should note that Merlin’s chance game can award 20,000 resource items, though not shown in the shop, as well as those shown below.

    5 different items for 40,000 resources- cost: 10 Gems. You get 40,000 of the selected resource shown on the item.

    5 different items for 250,000 resources- cost: 55 Gems. You get 250,000 of the selected resource shown on the item.

    5 different items for 500,000 resources- cost: 95 Gems. You get 500,000 of the selected resource shown on the item.

    4 different items for 24 hour boost to resource production- cost: 8 Gems. You get a % boost for 24 hours to the selected resource shown on the item.

    4 different items for 7 days boost to resource production- cost: 50 Gems. You get a % boost for 7 days to the selected resource shown on the item.

    100% production boost to Gold for 24 hours- cost: 45 Gems.

    100% production boost to Gold for 7 days- cost: 280 Gems.

    The chest section of the shop allows a Player to obtain multiple items within a specific category for a set Gem price. If you are serious about spending Gems then consider chests for multiple item power.

    Mystery Crest- cost: 25 Gems. The Player receives a random number of crests or a second city deed. This chest is like player Merlin’s Premium chance game.

    2nd City Package- cost: 425 Gems. You are guaranteed a 2nd city deed as well as some other helpful items.

    Speed Up- cost: 325 Gems. Expect to receive an assortment of speed ups. Nice if you are serious about attacking.

    Gaia’s Bounty- cost 120 Gems. A Player gets a few assorted resource items.

    Resource Surplus- cost 270 Gems. A Player gets even more assorted resource items.

    Divine Ascension- cost 400 Gems. Expect to get 5 Divine Inspirations. It’s like getting 5 for the price of 4.

    Magical Restoration- cost 450 Gems. An interesting chest in that you get many different types of items to help after you’ve been reduced to rubble in warfare.

    Start Up- cost: 350 Gems. A decent chest for new Players (did you read my “Economy” section?).

    Merlin’s Tokens- cost: 225. A Player gets 50 Merlin’s Tokens. Woot!

    Get Me Out of Here!- cost: 100 Gems. A Player receives 3 Portals of Refuge and 2 Portals of Order. Can you say cost savings?

    Knight’s Boost- cost: 290 Gems. A Player gets 3 Training with Galahad and 2 Training with Arthur items. I saved the best for last.
    Second City

    From a second city perspective I prefer to just take advantage of Kabam’s special in-game offers as they come. I don’t want to spend most of my time trying to calculate how many troops I’ll need, in how much time, and how I can make this all happen in my two hours available per day. One such in-game promotion occurred two weeks ago, and the Kabam offer stated for ANY Gem purchase the Player would be awarded a second city deed. I searched through the offer page and saw a 50 Gem for $5 transaction and said to myself, “hmmm the second city deed costs 225 Gems, and I can get one for $5 with 50 Gems…” Math or Economic geniuses rejoice.

    X. Final Thoughts
    How does a new player get ready for sustaining a massive army of troops? Do they build mainly farms for food production (lol don’t do it)? Do they plan to later steal food from other weaker players, once an army is amassed? This is my second stab/attack at a beginner's guide for this community. I hope it provides some food for thought, and maybe a way to conserve food for troop recruitment and other building. A wise man once said, “Why should I give you a fish, when I can teach you to fish for yourself for life?” Ok enough food references (time for pie!).

    I hope future updates to the game include a market, increased rewards from attacking Pict camps besides crests, and allow the three icons shown in bookmarks to appear over a city that I’ve bookmarked. These suggestions add new elements of play that exist in other comparable browser games such as Evony.
    Feel free to send me an in-game mail for advice or to recommend changes to the guide. If you send me an attack instead I’m sure I’ll note your sentiments! I hope this guide helps you in your goals. Try comparing my guide to Kabam’s guide shown at the end and then formulate an opinion on my worthiness.

    Thank you for reading! Happy Hunting!

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  • LordMalcome
    I to would like to give you big ol slap on the back. Thanks man. I refer all new member to this post. As a matter of fact with 1 day left in protection mode I started over and am doing so much better now. First time through I focued on troops. Big mistake.

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  • PrinceOfSaiyans
    Great guide!! There is a lot of information here for both new players and experienced players!

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    Very well done. Props to you, Samo.

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