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  • New Player Guide?

    I read the beginner tips by Kabam. I have to be honest, it's just a copy of what's in-game. KoCBftN's help feature is great, but I'd like to see a new player guide that actually helps a new player advance other than basics. A new player equals in beginner status (7 days without being attacked by the experienced big guys). A guide written by someone who's been playing for the past 6 months is best. Maybe the player base or developers want new players to just know basics?

    I used to play Evony, a web browser game that is very similar to KoCBftN. Evony had 10 city potential. for players, so being limited to one is much easi As far as I can tell from posts on these forums food is a problem for troops, much like it was in Evony, which forces big players to smash new players. The result- new players kept jumping to new servers for a chance to be big one day without being constantly farmed. Correct me if I'm wrong- A recent "upgrade" to the game made the ratio of troops loss to resource gain pretty equal. Farming NPCs, or picts camps as called in-game, used to be profitable at the start of KoCBftN. Much of my new player advice will revolve around this issue.

    Here's an example of a better guide:
    >> Completing Quests
    "Follow the the Quests System. It will guide you to specific tasks that must be accomplished. Be sure to read over the quests carefully and don't forget to collect the rewards after completing each task. Morgause will be always there to help you with a recommended quest to get you on the right track. She will inform you when a task is completed and will reward you when you're successful. If you're ever unsure of what to do next, check in with her!"

    Many of the "recommended" quests are to upgrade/increase your gold income rate, which means upgrading cottages to get more population or increase your tax rate. I'd actually recommend uping (upgrading) your resources and related research only during the 7-day protection period. It's best to get your economy going before uping all those cottages. Only make/upgrade enough cotages to get more population for resource production. Think 1-4 cottages only. On day 7 start getting troops and uping buildings/research for troops. Get your other troop related buildings such as a blacksmith and upgrade. Make sure you have a storehouse at level 7-10 and an embassy lvl 1. After day 7: You'll get the other quest rewards as you start building/uping remaining buildings after the beginner protection.

    >> Constructing Buildings
    "Buildings are an essential component to any successful city. Constructing and upgrading a variety of buildings will help your city grow and thrive by providing different bonuses and resources. Each construction task takes a certain amount of time to complete and requires a certain amount of resources to initiate. These requirements can be found when clicking on the building type you wish to construct or upgrade."

    Having a variety of (or dare I say all) buildings before your 7-day protection ends is ludicrous. Do you need that relief station your first 7 days? You don't even have a second city probably (unless you paid real money for gems)! Do you need your scout tower to level 10? Sure if you want to see your doom coming. I'd recommend building resources and your alchemy lab, and then uping them as far as possible. Only build a building if it will aid you in this goal. Think economy and how to raise production of resources (higher level resource buildings and related research). By day 7 get barracks and upgrade 1 right away. I haven't played long enough to say how many barracks you need, but in Evony having 10-15 was best. Have a storage building uped to level 7-10 by day 7 to protect your awesome start at an economy.

    >> Researching Technologies
    "The Alchemy Lab is where you research new technologies. New technologies can boost resource production, increase troops power and give you the ability to train highly skilled troops. Make sure to read the requirements for each technology before you start researching them. Requirements can be found clicking on the technology you wish to research or upgrade."

    This is good advice overall, but I'd focus on resource production the first 6 days.

    >> Training Troops
    "Train troops in the Barracks. The Quests System helps you in training troops organically with your resources and technologies. Stronger troops require a higher Barracks level. Remember that troops you've trained will consume food resources, so keep them well-fed!"

    Think day 7 for this advice. Once your 7 days expires you will probably just be hiding whatever troops you've made. Face it, you won't compete with that 500,000+ might player right next to you. From what I've read about rading pict camps, it simply isn't worth getting alot of troops as a beginner to get resources.

    >> Tips to Get You Started:
    "When it comes to constructing a building, researching technologies, or training troops, only one timer of each type can be active at any one time. Plan out your strategy and be sure to keep a timer started at all times to make the most of your time!
    If you're looking for players to chat with or join your Alliance, participate in World Chat!
    Keep a close eye on your Gold and Resource consumption! If you want to construct new buildings, make sure you're producing enough Resources to meet the requirements.
    The physical layout of buildings in your city does not have any effect on their usefulness, place them wherever you like.
    Having second thoughts about a building? You can always deconstruct it and build something else."

    One of the most frustrating aspects of this type of game is having a building, research, and troops (we'll call this BRT) training constantly. If you have an ipod Touch like me with no internet connection for most of the day: build or upgrade these three areas (BRT) with the highest time requirements while you are away and when you're on build/upgrade the lowest time requirements. I'm always an advocate of not spending real money to complete building/research quickly. But I also believe in supporting great games when warranted by buying gems for other reasons once I've made it past beginner status. Your economy is king (as shown in a tip above). Yes, join an alliance for protection and advice. You probably could just apply to a rank 50 or less alliance and gain acceptance because they need more players without chatting in World chat (remember you need an embassy to join or create an alliance). Lastly, while you can always deconstruct a building later (which takes time by the way and affects your one-at-a-time building/upgrading), why build anything you might deconstruct in the first place?

    Final thoughts- How does a new player get ready for sustaining a massive army of troops? Do they build mainly farms for food production? Do they plan to later steal food from other weaker players, once an army is amassed? This is my first stab at a beginner's guide for this community. I hope it provides some food for thought (and maybe a way to get food for your troops).

    FYI- I tried to "Click here to log in" on this forum and it didn't work.

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    Originally posted by Samo View Post
    I'd like to see a new player guide that actually helps a new player advance other than basics.
    Agreed. Most "guides" tell you how the game mechanics work, not what you should do to play well, i.e. they just explain how the pieces move, not how to play a better game than your peers.

    That's why I spent over a month writing the guide linked to in my sig below.

    What really gave me the kick to write it though was when I and several of my alliance mates were accused of cheating. People couldn't believe we were doing so well without cheating, and believe me, I've spent very little on this game, a tiny fraction of what some people have. I even had one guy convinced I was a Kabam developer, lol!

    Anyway, here's what it covers:

    - Which is the best city to make your parking slot?
    - Which structures to upgrade to Level 10?
    - How to use your best knight's level in more than one place
    - Which is better, one L9 barracks or two L1 barracks?
    - How many barracks and cottages to have in a city?
    - What's the best tax rate?
    - When to get your second city?
    - What to prioritise when building?
    - Which resource buildings to build and when?
    - What's a Bank?
    - When to come out of beginner's protection?
    - How to not get attacked?
    - Why do people attack when they have nothing to gain?
    - When's the only time you should use speed-ups for building/research?
    - Which troops are the best to attack with?
    - What's better: cheap, medium, or expensive troops?
    - Why do people build lots of militiamen?
    - Which wall defences are the best to build?
    - What's the fastest way to build Might?
    - How to check if someone is hiding their troops before you attack
    - How to check if someone is online
    - When is the best time to attack someone, to minimise the risk of reinforcements?
    - When is the best time to retaliate against your attacker?
    - Should you hide your troops or defend your wall?
    - How not to get zeroed, even if your cites are levelled and all your walls and troops there are killed
    - How to stop someone farming you?
    - How to ask someone to stop farming you?
    - What's the best way to deal with someone flipping your wilds
    - How to get a 212 level knight?
    - How many gems to buy?
    - How to get gems without buying them?
    - How to gain 100+M resources a day, for an hour’s effort
    - How to attack 60 people per hour, without losing any troops
    - What's the secret to long term success?

    Click the link in my sig to get it:


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        Originally posted by obring View Post
        Don't you see the "get 100m resources per day" orange link right below my post?


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          So you're here selling a book for $8. Ya Ok I'll read Samo's new player guide for free. Oh wait I did. Lots of people here donating their time, including me, to help each other player better.
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            I agreed with new player's guide and rules. But this is the height of spam the forum. Block this "GuiltyCol".


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              Yeah right!

              You discourage people from paying Kabam for gems, but you want people to pay YOU $8 for your "guide"? No thanks. The game alone is worth the $5 I paid for the gem pack. Bring your price down to $1 and I might consider it.


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                Could there be a bounty board, so after your 7 day peace is over, but before you build might, you could get some of the big guys whacked, that keep attacking you over & over again.


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                  Don't bother with ports as there is too many cheats on this game,,they use a cord finder web site to locate your cities it gets updated every 24 hours so there's no hiding a city,,,also don't unhide your troops unless you got a 212 knight otherwise it's pointless you will just lose all your troops what you spent weeks building in jus 1 hit off them


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                    If you're looking for a guide, try checking out the Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North Wikia located here:


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                      How do i use kabam gift card on KoC:Battle for the north


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                        The Kabam Gift card only works on web games, not on the mobile games. I believe we don't even sell them anymore.


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                          New Player Guide? Only thing we should tell the new user is that this game is only achievable by spending money. Kabam is very money hungry that's all they care about. Don't bother sending tickets in they will never get resolved. It has tons of glitches like losing troops not returning from marches,losing rss,people hacking your cities open, update is horrible. Any time they have events the payouts are always messed up. seriousness play a different game. I have played KoC for a long time but with the lack of customer service help and constant glitches it just became a waste of time. Game of War I heard is a great game and that's where all of the players are going to. Just remember that I warned you 1st. If you choose to disregard don't complain about it later.


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                            where can I get lionheart ?how to get it?

                            Originally posted by Jennifer View Post
                            If you're looking for a guide, try checking out the Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North Wikia located here:
                            thanks very very much