Question about the Pictish camps, I've attacked the Level 1 camps several times and I think the max loot you can achieve is 7.8k food, 5.2k wood/stone/ore, 2.6k gold based on some posts here that say those camps refresh every hour. Based on this, I've found that if I attack a lvl 1 camp at its maximum loot, I acquire a small net gain in resources after taking into account my losses. Be advised the lvl 1 camp I attacked had 100 archers which are weak against cavalry so I sent 150 light cavalry. Using this strategy I usually lose around 40 light cavalry units.

Level 2 camps on the other hand are a different story. I've done similar research on lvl 2 camps and the ones I've found contain 200 light cavalry units so I send in 250 militiamen because they're weak against ground units. This strategy usually results in losing 105 militiamen each attack. Now unless I'm extremely unlucky and someone is attacking each of my lvl 2 camp tests during the 1 hour downtime unbeknownst to me, I believe the max loot from a lvl 2 camp is 11.7k food, 7.8k wood/stone/ore, and 3.9k gold. Based on this, the there is a huge net loss of resources on lvl 2 camps!?

I'm a fairly new player and don't have access to stronger troops at the moment, research is fairly basic also, can anyone advise if I'm doing something wrong? Perhaps I need to research my war techs to improve my units durability?