7x lvl4 farms
1x lvl5 farm
5x lvl5 wood
2x lvl4 ore
2x lvl5 ore
4x lvl4 stone
1x lvl5 stone
10x lvl3 cottage
3x lvl4 cottage
1x Lvl4 barracks
1x Lvl2 barracks
2x Lvl1 barracks
Lvl3 workshop, rally point, watchtower, 
Lvl2 stable, embassy
Lvl4 knights hall, castle, alchemist lab, wall
Lvl1 storehouse
Own 4 squares of land on the world map
Tax 20%
Population 7,200
Level 12

Where have I gone wrong?

Any tips on what I should be doing next. I'm playing on the iPhone. 

Tried changing my username but didn't work so will have to do it on laptop