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Upcoming Campaign Revamp => preview and feedback thread

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  • Upcoming Campaign Revamp => preview and feedback thread

    Hi guys,

    sorry for the delay on this one, took more time than expected.
    Here`s a preview of what we`re currently thinking of for the Campaign Revamp.

    We`re looking to better match the difficulty increase across the different chapters with player progression.
    The overall difficulty will remain similar to current setup except for Hidden Bosses which will represent the Chapters "ultimate" challenge.

    A new system of bonus drop chance will be introduced which increases the likely hood of obtaining items for each unsuccessful try, in other words your efforts will be rewarded.
    In addition to the standard reward resources, here`s a list of Drops (work in progress, feel free to provide feedback):

    Hero Medals:
    Gold Medal of Erec => Chapt 1
    Gold Medal of Dinadan => Chapt 1
    Gold Medal of Owain => Chapt 1
    Gold Medal of Owain => Chapt 2
    Gold Medal of Aglovale => Chapt 2
    Gold Medal of Gareth => Chapt 2
    Gold Medal of Balan => Chapt 2
    Gold Medal of Palamedes => Chapt 3
    Gold Medal of Balin => Chapt 3
    Gold Medal of Breunor => Chapt 3
    Gold Medal of Breunor => Chapt 3
    Gold Medal of Galeschin => Chap
    Gold Medal of Tristan => Chapt 4
    Gold Medal of Griflet => Chapt 4

    Hero Skill upgrade items
    Emerald Talisman => Chapt 3 + Hidden Boss
    Ruby Talisman => Chapt 4 + Hidden Boss
    Gold Talisman => Chapt ???? + Hidden Boss

    Hero Elevation items

    Banners => Hidden Boss

    Wooden Hammer => Chapt 1
    Iron Hammer => Chapt 2
    Bronze Hammer => Chapt 3
    Steel Hammer => Chapt 4
    Master Hammers 3 => Chapt 1
    Master Hammer 4-5 => Chapt 2
    Master Hammer 6-7 => Chapt 3
    Master Hammer 8-9 => Chapt 4
    Master Hammer 10-11 => ?????

    Knight EXP:

    Train with Kay => Chapt 1
    Train with Galahad => Chapt 2
    Train with Arthur => Chapt 2/3
    Mystic Training 220-225 => Chapt 3
    Mystic Training 235-255 => Chapt 4
    Mystic Training Lv*5-Lv*10 => ?????

    Squire's Hourglass => Chapt 1 onwards.
    Knight's Hourglass => Chapt 1 onwards.
    Guinevere's Hourglass => Chapt 1 onwards.
    Morgana's Hourglass => Chapt 2 onwards.
    Arthur's Hourglass => Chapt 3 onwards.
    Merlin`s Hourglass => Chapt 4 onwards.
    Divine Hourglass => Chapt ??????
    Celestial Hourglass => Chapt ?????

    Lionheart Armory Chest => Chapt 1
    Celtic Armory Chest => Chapt 1
    Gear of the Gods Armory => Chapt 2
    Gear of Fame Armory Chest => Chapt 2
    Celestial Armory Chest => Chapt 3
    Wisdom Armory Chest => Chapt 3
    Sainted Armory Chest => Chapt 4
    Sacred Armory Chest => Chapt 4
    Chaos Armory Chest => Chapt 4
    Season 3 Armory Chest => Chapt ?????
    Firestorm Armory Chest => Chapt ?????

    Building items:
    Divine Inspiration => Chapt 2
    Mystic Crystals => Chapt 2/3
    Enchanted Crystals => Chapt 3/4
    Wondrous Crystals => Chapt 4/????
    Divine Elevation => Chapt ????

    Troop training items:
    Bravehearts => All Chapters
    ???????? ?????? => All Chapters
    ????????? ????? => All Chapters

    Other items available in campaign:
    Portal of Refuge
    Portal of Order
    2H Dove of Peace
    8H Dove of Peace
    12H Dove of Peace
    Fertile Winds
    Fertile Storm
    Renaming Celebration
    Merlin’s Mirror
    Arthur's Conscripts
    Mass Hypnosis
    Blood Fury
    City Acceleration (Lv3)
    City Acceleration (Lv6)
    City Acceleration (Lv9)
    Field Acceleration (Lv3)
    Field Acceleration (Lv6)
    Field Acceleration (Lv9)
    Copper EXP Charm
    Iron EXP Charm
    Bronze EXP Charm
    Silver EXP Charm
    Gold EXP Charm
    Large Flawed Sapphire
    Large Flawed Ruby
    Large Flawed Emerald
    Large Flawed Diamond
    Large Smooth Ruby
    Large Smooth Emerald
    Large Smooth Sapphire
    Large Smooth Diamond
    250,000 Gold
    500,000 Gold
    Merlin's Token Trunk
    Lunete's Token Trunk
    Small Secret Gem Stash
    Medium Secret Gem Stash
    Great Secret Gem Stash
    Wondrous Secret Gem Stash

  • #2
    So if I understand this correctly:

    No troops to be won?
    No grail 220 - 255 to be won?
    Medailles for owain and gareth still only to be won in chapter 1+2? Will the winchance be increased?
    Master hammers not as easy to get as to the current campaign.

    I am missing the improvement, except for Talisman, crystals and gear...

    About the last one, gear...
    Sainted, sacred, chaos should be added to chapt 3. People cannot compete in chapter 4 without minimal this gear. People who are able to compete in 4th do have better gear then the 3 mentioned..
    season 3 gear & firestorm can be added to 4th chapt.
    Pendragon and simular can be added to new ???-chapt...


    • #3

      No troops to be won?
      => More or less, there are training items (of which a few are new and will be explained later) but which would still require to train or "hire". The main reason would be that I don`t really see investing troops to get troops back as an effective logic. But as I said, this is a work in progress so feel free to explain why you believe they absolutely should be there.

      No grail 220-255 to be won?
      => That`s correct (except for a couple available in hidden bosses which I forgot to mention). We`re thinking of having Grail Trainings in Exploration to balance the interest of both features.

      Medals for Owain and Gareth
      => Medals for specific Heroes appear in the Chapters where those Heroes are unlocked, so yes. As for the "winchance" nothing is set in stone right now and I don`t know which server you play on so it`s hard for me to give an answer but I`d guess so.

      Master Hammers
      => What makes you think that?

      The improvements?
      => all items needed will be made available, improved drop chance system, logic chapter/player progression which goes in line with items also and many others.

      => I`ll keep your feedback in mind when finalizing the settings.



      • #4
        Looks good Ganstack.
        Few questions,
        When will be launched Thai new campaign ?
        Looks like will be a new chapter, more heroes coming?
        Gems,lunettes and tokens will drop more than 1??

        Off topic.
        Fey trickery when try to forge new gear released today,


        • #5
          the rewards are looking good, just don't know what's the drop rate for them.
          Will there be a daily attack limit on campaign?


          • #6
            Thanks for your fast reply
            My world is ector123

            The problem is gemmers vs non-gemmers. I myself don't gem a lot (eh lets be honest: I don't gem) and I need clickable troops to compete with gemmers.
            When we win troops in campaign we can use those troops in events. In the periods without events we want to compete, we can retrain these troops etc. So that's why. We don't need to win extra troops, its just a way to trade trained troops into clickable troops. Training troops during a might event isn't enough to compete with gemmers.

            No grail: hidden bosses & exploration is a good alternative: its important for new players to get possibilites to obtain these grail trainings.

            Owain & gareth: at the moment its very easy to get palamedes to level 100, but its a lot of work to get owain & gareth to that level. That is a big problem...

            Master hammers: at the moment we can win hammers 10-11 in campaign 4.

            The improvement. Ok I am interested what we will get.

            Gear: Thanks.


            • #7
              if there are new heroes coming up, i hope their skill boost attack, currently heroes boosts life more than attack giving defence advantage over attack


              • #8
                -> Launch date: no set date yet, gathering feedback at the moment. That said, we`re looking to implement these changes very soon.
                -> New chapter, new heroes: ??????? ^^
                -> Gem/Tokens: contrary to what you may think, the current boxes do give out more then 1 although the chance for only one are obviously harder. The content of the chests won`t be changed at this point, however the drop chance for those chests will be.

                -> Drop chances: the bonus drop chance system should make things more interesting. I`ll let you discover those once we`ve rolled it out.
                -> Daily Limit: no there is currently no system enabling us to do so. This is however under discussion on the dev team side.

                -> Troops: I see your points which is valid, thanks for sharing. I`ll work on finding an adequate solution to this issue.
                -> Hero Medals: yes, this issue will be solved with the revamp
                -> Master Hammers: you`ll still be able to get those Master Hammers, shouldn`t be an issue. I`ll take it into account though when finalizing settings, thanks.

                Thanks guys for the feedback!



                • #9
                  Master Hammer 8-9 => Chapt 4
                  Master Hammer 10-11 => ?????

                  ==> so you are actually taking out master hammer 11 from campaign 4 to put it into an "much more harder to come level of campaugn"... right when Kabam is releasing lvl12 ... very logic, thanks


                  • #10
                    Hi, Ganstack

                    I wanna see troops and stamina as rewards. That maybe? How is drop rate? Pls Dont remove master hammer 10 and 11 from chapter 4.Lot of players collected That hammers.Thx.


                    • #11
                      @ Ganstack,

                      In order for me to give solid feedback, i need to know if i understand the following things right:

                      1.)The strenght of the camps in chap 1,2,3 & 4 will be adjusted according to the current defence gears out there at this moment?

                      2.) Will chapter 5 be released at the same time as the drop revamp? If so, how will this effect the strenght of the camps in chap 5? Because if i look at the last few camps in chapter 4... they are already very powerfull for the current defence gears out there, and only beatable (with MUCH might lost) when sending heroes with the attacks.

                      Regards Bierkes


                      • #12

                        well as I said nothing is set in stone but...

                        Currently I`m looking at keeping more or less the same difficulty in Chapt 1,2,3 (although reworking the increase level per level, map per map, chapter per chapter) and significantly reducing the general difficulty of Chapt 4. Any chapter that might come after that would be in-line with the same sort of difficulty increase

                        @Tinlinhan and Tat1ana
                        About MH 11/12 and troops, I`m listening to your feedback, this is the time to calmly explain what you`d like different and why it makes sense. I`m more then open to any constructive feedback.



                        • #13
                          is it possible to increase the amount of rss we get from attacking each campaign? currently we are getting few k of each rss for each hit, would appropriate if it's at least few hundred k. Thanks


                          • #14
                            Is this campaign coming to the NA servers too ?


                            • #15
                              If this is the case:

                              * Chapter strenghts:
                              - Chapter 1 --> Weak
                              - Chapter 2 --> Average
                              - Chapter 3 --> Strong
                              - Chapter 4 --> Strongest

                              * I would like to suggest to adapt the items according the chapter strenghts. (weakest chapter --> less valuable items), Strongest chapter (most valuable items) and all there in between.

                              * Chapter 1 drops: (less valuable items)
                              - wooden hammer
                              - iron hammer
                              - bronze hammer
                              - steel hammer ( all those 4 hammers are basicly useless on all the new gears, so they are out dated and not worth it to put in strong camps since the master hammers are out)
                              - train with kay
                              - train with galahad
                              - train with arthur ( those 3 trainings are also basicly useless since all the mystick and grail trainings are out there, so they are outdated)
                              - Squire's Hourglass
                              - Knight's Hourglass
                              - Guinevere's Hourglass
                              - Lionheart Armory Chest
                              - Celtic Armory Chest
                              - Gear of the Gods Armory
                              - Gear of Fame Armory Chest ( all stone-aged gears )
                              - Bravehearts (useless until the shortage of the gold problem is fixed)
                              - Portal of Refuge
                              - 2H Dove of Peace
                              - Fertile Winds
                              - Renaming Celebration
                              - Merlin’s Mirror
                              - Mass Hypnosis
                              - 20% Ironskin
                              - 20% Blood Fury
                              - 500,000 Gold

                              *Chapter 2 drops (average items):
                              - gold medals for every non-round-table-heroes
                              - Master Hammers 1
                              - master hammer 2
                              - master hammer 3
                              - master hamner 4
                              - master hammer 5
                              - Mystic Training 220-225
                              - Mystic Training 235-255
                              - Morgana's Hourglass
                              - Arthur's Hourglass
                              - Celestial Armory Chest
                              - Wisdom Armory Chest
                              - Divine Inspiration
                              - Portal of Order
                              - 8H Dove of Peace
                              - Fertile Storm
                              - City Acceleration (Lv3)
                              - City Acceleration (Lv6)
                              - Field Acceleration (Lv3)
                              - Field Acceleration (Lv6)
                              - Copper EXP Charm
                              - Iron EXP Charm
                              - 1.000.000 Gold

                              *Chapter 3 drops (strong items):
                              - gold medals for every round-table-heroes
                              - Emerald Talisman
                              - master hammer 6
                              - master hammer 7
                              - master hammer 8
                              - master hammer 9
                              - Grail Training 220-225
                              - Grail Training 235-255
                              - Mystic Training Lv*5
                              - Merlin`s Hourglass
                              - Divine Hourglass
                              - 12H Dove of Peace
                              - Sainted Armory Chest
                              - Sacred Armory Chest
                              - Chaos Armory Chest
                              - Season 3 Armory Chest
                              - Enchanted Crystals
                              - Wondrous Crystals
                              - Divine Elevation
                              - Arthur's Conscripts
                              - City Acceleration (Lv9)
                              - Field Acceleration (Lv9)
                              - Bronze EXP Charm
                              - Silver EXP Charm
                              - Large Flawed Sapphire
                              - Large Flawed Ruby
                              - Large Flawed Emerald
                              - Large Flawed Diamond
                              - Large Smooth Ruby
                              - Large Smooth Emerald
                              - Large Smooth Sapphire
                              - Large Smooth Diamond
                              - 2.500.000 gold
                              - Merlin's Token Trunk
                              - Lunete's Token Trunk
                              - Small Secret Gem Stash
                              - Medium Secret Gem Stash

                              *Chapter 4 drops (strongest items):
                              - Ruby Talisman
                              - Gold Talisman
                              - hero banners
                              - master hammer 10
                              - master hammer 11
                              - Mystic Training Lv*10
                              - Celestial Hourglass
                              - infinite hourglass
                              - Firestorm Armory Chest
                              - chivalry armory chest
                              - pendragon armory chest
                              - Fertile cyclone
                              - 100% iron
                              - 100% fury
                              - sword mastery
                              - shield mastery
                              - Gold EXP Charm
                              - lvl 9 juwels
                              - 5.000.000 gold
                              - Great Secret Gem Stash
                              - Wondrous Secret Gem Stash

                              *Hidden Boss: (newest items/to be released shorty)
                              - sun fury armory chest
                              - gems
                              - lunette tokens
                              - mystic-Grail Training Lv*10
                              - crosses to donate for alliance EXP

                              * Items i mentioned that where not on your list which i implemented under the chapters are:
                              - lvl 9 gear juwels --> ( already exist for some weeks but only obtainable so far by gemming) --> chapter 4.
                              - Infinite hourglass --> ( already exist for months but not obtainable anymore) --> chapter 3,4.
                              - The female heroes enid and laudine --> ( already exist since the beginning of the campaign, but since then not obtainable anymore till +-2 weeks ago by gemming) --> Chapter 3,4.
                              - Lunette tokens (very hard to get and not able to buy them in chests like like the hysteria token chests. therefore almost everybody is missing the wheel games and only plays merlin madness --> chapter 3,4.
                              - grail training *10 (imperial *10 training will be added to the campaign, so why not also the grail training) --> Hidden boss
                              - Gold --> bigger amounts then you mentioned since gold is and stays a serious problem in every world. --> Chapter 1,2,3,4
                              - shield and sword mastery --> already exist for like a year, but since then hardly till not obtainable anymore. --> Chapter 3,4.
                              - Fertile cyclone --> already exist for months, but nowhere to be obtained anymore in the last few weeks/months. -->chapter 3,4
                              - Grail Training 220-255 ( these items are already so old. you are planning to old the mystic trainings to the campaign, so why not also the grail trainings). -->chapter 1,2.
                              - everlasting portals --> already excist for quite a while but not on your list for some reason) -->chapter 3.
                              - city of solance deed --> so the non gemmers can finally get their 5th city after about a year. --> Chapter 3.
                              - dust to forge gear --> for some reason not on your list but critical to many players --> chapter 1,2,3.
                              - crosses --> so we can donate it. --> hidden boss
                              - T3 Troops (heavy cav/catapults/batteringrams) the most favorite and most used troops from every player. Would like to see them obtainable in good packages --> chapter 1,2,3.
                              - grailwar items --> chapter 3,4.
                              - mercenary troops packages --> Chapter 3,4.
                              - stamina bottles --> chapter 3,4.
                              - celestial/mystic guidance LVL-Ups for heroes --> chapter 4.

                              Regards, Bierkes. Ector123