I play on my android phone and i play in Mordred 128 with the screen name KingJohn. I have been trying to report a problem using the in app report feature but it keeps saying that my email address is not valid.

Here is the problem, ever since the new update I keep getting the error message unknown issue when updating your game please try again later.

I am also having other issues such as things disappearing, when exploring with my my heroes I get another error message, however, all chests show gold.

I do not know what is going on with my email address that is attached to my account or in fact when I want to use another email address for you to respond to it will not allow me to do so. This email address that was created for my account, you were involved in this whole process with kahoona when i kept loosing my account. I have all those emails saved in case you want to see them also.

Please address all replies to via private message here and i will provide you with an email address to reply directly to me. DO NOT send email to the email I have bound to my account.

Thank You,