This week several events are started / presented. As one of the leaders of my alliance I try to explain everything to the other members.
But this time it is completely impossible. I don't know what Kabam is doing.

1. Forging of Alliance
a serie of events that give alliance trophys. At the end some gemmers can win some individual prices and the players in the bigger alliances (5 alliances in 10 worlds = 50 alliances... so what avout the no 11 in a world? -> will not end in the first 100) win also a price.
To make it a bit more confusing the call it Grailwars Preseason. As fas as I can see it has NOTHING to do with grailwars.

2. Ghost Archers events
In EU (don't know about AM) they have introduced a serie of events, for one week, to win the new Ghost archers
a. Individual events
b. Total ranking (all eu world? ranking per world? Nobody knows, the whole ranking isn't shown. Its a gamble...
c. A trade in in the round towers. Partly you need the prices you get in de individual events, partly we have any clue...

3. The grailwars
nobody knows what he can expect

So kabam, what are you trying to do? Scare everybody with thousands of events? Don't you see this is confusing?
If we, the players at this forum, don't even understand what is happening: What about the casual players in the game who don't have the time to read all your unclear documents?

You are driving players to other, less complicated, games....