Of all the things i want most in this world today, being able to destroy my Round Tower is #1. I dream of it ffs. Im not an idiot, I am fully aware of what im doing when I play the game so why am I not allowed to build/destroy whatever buildings i want to?? If you're going to tell me its because i will loose my crests, then you're obviously blind because anyone who has played for more than 2 days of time already has the 2nd city and NOBODY cares about crests. Also 50% of your players are building close to 1 million might a day and can get 100 crests in no time if they really needed to. Unless you create an amazing event where i can use these crests to get something actually worth the time (Divines, Train with Arthur or at least Galahad, Stoneskin, Portals) then i see no point to wasting a spot in my city. Believe it or not, if you guys DO happen to create an event that is worthwhile, then i can simply destroy ANY other building and construct a Round Tower if need be. Its that simple guys. Quit avoiding this issue, or at least tell us WHY we cannot be allowed to destroy our own building? Thanks in advance if it ever happens.