I started the alliance event pretty well and had a few tiles fought a few battles. I was ranked in the top 30 and my alliance was up to 12th at the time. I had network connection issues like crazy last night and now when I get up this morning and try to participate I cannot own any tile at all. I attacked a bunch that in map view said had might but when I attacked there were zero troops there and on top of it my troops marched back and I did not own the tile. I hit several more today of all different might variations and even 2 players had occupied them. I cleared the troops but still would not let me own the tile. This is causing me to drop in the ranks, as of 2 minutes ago I was 174th and my alliance (Sparta), had dropped to 19th. Can someone at Kabam take a look at this? I was in GC and a few other alliances were having the same issue.