Kabam many of the players in 126 have reported to you that accounts are being hacked. Those accounts 3 that I know of have all been zerod by the same shifty no account player. So far none of us have noticed anything being done about it even though we were all promised it was urgently being looked into. I have no clue what your people are doing but very first step I suggest is change your security or I mean actually add some security. Some of us have massive amounts of money invested in our accounts but every player would be devastated to lose everything he's put into this game. Your password change procedure is a joke as far as security goes. We all have line and socialize outside Kabam chat and the requirements for changing a password and claiming an account as your own is an absolute joke. Like tieing a tin can to your corvette. By the time you guys get around to doing anything there is no telling how many people will fall victim to this. The games Tk stats are forever tainted as if they weren't tainted enough not to mention losing good players who won't invest another penny after being robbed. I guarantee you I am not alone in demanding immediate security changes to protect what for many has turned into a major investment of not only money but time. Ps. I'd say the odds of the same player zeroing at least 3 hacked account unmarshed are about the same as me winning the lottery. THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM FOR AUTOMATED RESPONSES. Give us security right now tonight would not be soon enough, it sure wouldn't be for the 3 people who lost out already.