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Wild Flippers

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    With all respect to Kabam....

    This is a WAR game. You don’t get to tell your enemy to play nice. They don’t ask you if its ok to farm you and destroy the defences you have build over days of blood sweat and toil with their humongous armies! Only takes one guy to set an unattended fort on fire. I think the Goblins should return if wilds are unoccupied.

    This is just another example of the mighty lauding it over the weak. The smaller players have no way to strike back. This is the little equaliser. Just like Vietnam the litle guy can and should be able to play guerilla warfare against the larger more developed players. You don't get to rest at the top - not in real life either.

    Many of the larger players sit in their fortified castles and have nothing but farms to feed their voracious armies. They make NO stone or wood or ore AT ALL. Instead they use their forces to farm the weak and oppress those coming up the ranks. They watch the Might Rankings for any potential rival and hit him before he or she can get any bigger.

    Wild swapping is the equivalent of cutting supply lines and is the first thing you would do against a fortified opponent in real wars! Make them come out and commit real forces or face starvation and desertion. If they can not be bothered to reinforce their territories then they don’t deserve to keep them - that is the nature of real war too... you have to fight to keep what you can.

    So help the poor Goblins get their land back and get out there and flip them wilds! I am being hit just for my point of view, what happened to individual choice. You show your own prejudice for a style of play when you say it is not part of the etiquette. If it is not forbidden then let it be a choice - If you feel strongly it is wrong then stop it. Until u do the flip is the only way to hit the big guys and disrupt their oligopoly. They declare war on everyone they farm and there is no other way to hit back.

    Some suggestions for Kabam if I may:
    1 - People need sleep - we can not operate 24/7 so why not let vaults store enough gold for 10 hours production (so we can sleep without getting robbed)?
    2 - The might ladder should be optional (let people hide their might until they are ready to reveal it) don’t do the big guys job for them - make them have to scout (and thereby warn) their victims instead of handing the information to them.
    3 - Hiding troops is OK for a few, but seriously if your forces are 10 times your level where you going to hide 1000000 men in a village? Make the hide troops equal to the level in K (ie 20th lvl city can hide 20K troops) or some similar scale based on city size! This will force the bigger players to fight each other rather than hide and stockpile troops. Game’s getting boring and constant warfare means more people spending on Mithril. Young players have more incentive to spend - support the green shoots!
    4 - Gold and development mean nothing at the top - make gold worth something for bigger players.
    5 - What is the point of Reinforce with regards to allies? The troops are open to attack even if the city is hiding its own troops? Why can’t the ally control them while they are there? they already have to feed them, why not get the benefit of using them too? Many allies are geographically far apart, their biggest friend can not protect and counter attack their smaller ally from the other side of the world because that gives too much warning to the enemy... make reinforced troops under the allies command with the owner allowed only to recall their troops.
    6 - Why do you need a march slot and a leader to reinforce a wild you already own? You should be able to leave them there to fend for themselves - march slots should be reserved for combat or getting there but once there leader should be freed up for other things. If they are not in combat they do not leader to stay with them. Agree that keeping wilds should not hold a march slot.


    • #47
      At the end of the day this is about how you play the game. Yes wild flippers go out of their way to flip your wilds so you loose might getting a new one. Big deal, it costs <77k might to replace a lvl 10, and only a tiny amount of troops with a decent knight. I do not flip wilds but nor do i have any to be flipped. If you have wilds, rein them or say bye bye. Stop whining, no use crying over spilt milk and talking trash wont get you the wild back. Although its regarded as a low thing to do, flipping is the only way little people can hit back effectively. 50m vs 50k is not fair, especially when little players need gold to research and have spent ages building tiny walls and rss. Why farm the low mighters when you can take out the big players troop and tons of rss! I try not to farm actives smaller than me, but most people are way bigger anyway and 90% of them are hidden. Stealing wilds and reining them is a clever way to draw their hidden troops out but neither me or my alliance hits wilds. As i say, down to your preferred gameplay


      • #48
        Yes if u woid play the game right insted of farming and leaving ur wilds open for a attacker


        • #49
          farming and leaving ur wilds open for a attacker smart move lol


          • #50
            Just farm and ditch your wilds. I can get 40 million food in a half hour. Time to stop being noobs and get your res the real way. And yes, I flip wilds but only to help players learn the way of farming


            • #51
              LOL. You are correct king farming is the way to go.

              The only way that will ever change is if Kabam removes the inactives, releases their wilds to make them produce less, or has their population abandon their king-less cities causing them to stop producing supplies and puts value back into wilds and resources and making people defend their supplies and attack actives to get supplies or make their own.


              • #52
                I have suggested this before, but an easy fis is make all wilds have troops in it. So if you want to flip the wild you basically have to conquer it as if it was not already taken. Overnight most wolf flipping would stop!


                • #53
                  I have a resolution for wild flippers. DON'T HAVE WILDS!!! I've been playing this game for a year and haven't had a wild in nearly 9 months. Put on your big boy shorts and farm for your resources. I can farm more resources in 5 min than a fully stocked city with res fields and wilds can in several days. Quit whining and either get rid of your wilds or reinforce them. Or use the rank in the game menu to find inactive players and take their wilds.
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                  • #54
                    Originally posted by dgrantg View Post
                    I have a resolution for wild flippers. DON'T HAVE WILDS!!! I've been playing this game for a year and haven't had a wild in nearly 9 months. Put on your big boy shorts and farm for your resources. I can farm more resources in 5 min than a fully stocked city with res fields and wilds can in several days. Quit whining and either get rid of your wilds or reinforce them. Or use the rank in the game menu to find inactive players and take their wilds.
                    Dgrantg,you make me laugh ,you a noob ,a parasite and an idiot ,if everybody was like you there would be no farms to farm ,great resolution ,play the game some more.


                    • #55
                      Seems we should all be able to agree on a few things:

                      1. This is NOT a war game, at least not a remotely-realistic one. In real war, the weak cannot attack the strong with impunity. Kabam should encourage folks to stay, play, (spend), and grow strong, yet the reward for doing so is surprisingly unalluring. I'm the mightiest player in my world, yet I am more often the hunted than hunter. Players with no might think it's fun to steal my wilds and attempt to farm my resources, then brag about it on GC. Yes, I can, and do, reinforce my wilds, but to reinforce them all requires me to grow and keep additional might and uses up my march limit. Plus wilds have no defense bonus and can only be reinforced so much, so players that want to fight me often choose just to attack my wilds rather than my cities.

                      2. Wild flippers are NOT usually weak players who turn to flipping as their only means of protection against being farmed by the strong. That phenomenon is relatively rare, mainly because farms have their own wilds and know that if they flip they will be flipped. Most wild flippers, certainly the annoying ones, are players that choose to flip solely to annoy and harass. They spend their entire time in the game flipping wilds with a single wagon, sometimes hundreds a day. They have little might and no wilds or fields of their own, and they always stay hidden, so there is nothing that anyone can do to stop them. Then, for their juvenile, uncreative exploitation of a stupid game feature they flatter themselves that they are important and invincible and make a nuisance of themselves on GC. It seems only fair that strong players should be able to retaliate somehow against these puerile tactics, and yet we cannot.

                      3. Yes, I'm big enough that I do not need fields or wilds. But if no mature players grow their own resources, there will not be sufficient farms for the farmers. Those who retort to complaints of flipping as though stomping fields and abandoning wilds were the most easy and obvious thing in the world should stop to consider what would happen if everyone, or even most, followed their advice. Of course I get most of my resources from farming, but it should be possible for a player with enough might to protect fields and wilds as well. Moreover, we're all waiting to see if the rocks gained from surveying wilds will ever amount to anything. It would be annoying in the extreme if those rocks turned out to be highly valuable, and I did not have any because I had to abandon my wilds to the flippers.

                      4. Let us also acknowledge that for a small sum an unapologetic wilds flipper can subscribe to weezeewig and immediately download the coordinates of every wild of any player. I fail to see what is gained by subjecting experienced, strong players who contribute exponentially more to the game to the annoyance of coming back after a few hours' absence only to find that all their wilds have been flipped and some twit cackling about it on GC.


                      • #56
                        I am not for or against wild flipping but it is part of the game and see the reason it is discouraged and why it is done.

                        If a player is attacked and the only recourse is flipping the attackers wilds then it should be done.

                        If a player flips a wild then they open their own alliance up to having their wilds flipped and the loss is greater then the gain.

                        I don't see why the picts are not coming after the wilds themselves, we steal them from them and they don't retaliate and take them back when we leave them undefended.

                        Flipping is only useful to control the supplies your enemy has to rebuild might. As long as all the inactive farms have wilds you don't control anything. It is just an annoying attempt that is easily ignored and ineffective.


                        • #57
                          Originally posted by Unregistered View Post
                          Just make it so that in order for a player to steal a wild it takes the same amount of troops as if they were conquering an unoccupied wild. If I have a level 10 wild and it cost me about 75k might to capture it, and someone spends 75k might to steal it and release it, i'm ok with that. That way they may hide their troops but they actually had to spend them to take my wild. Being able to flip that same wild with one supply wagon though is completely ridiculous.
                          I recently tried to suggest this to Kabam and got the answer back that it's a PvP game, so wild flipping wouldn't be changed in any way.
                          Common Kabam: It's unfair that you can flip another players wild with 1 supply troop. Change it so you have to use same amount of troops as the wild normally have when it's not occupied. That would make it fair.


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                            That was a post over a year old you pulled
                            Time to close this one down methinks lol