I honestly don't understand kabam sometimes...

You announce "exclusive december armor" as an incentive in your December Spend events for the people who spend 10,000 gems. You of course don't announce the stats from the beginning because, of course, just like with the season gear each time, you want people to chase after prizes without knowing whether or not they will actually be worth the effort.

The stats are finally revealed, hurray! Only to find that the armor is completely useless: 50% attack, 50% life, 50% speed, and 5000 troops. In other words, not an improvement in any way for attack or defense knights.

This doesn't affect me directly because I was never going to spend 10k gems this month. But it does seem guaranteed to frustrate any big spenders out there who were thinking they would actually be getting an edge with this "exclusive" armor... And I would think that would be one group kabam would actually want to keep happy.