hey there, i was a really intensive player on that game but since few weeks it reached a state of boredom! the prob is not to do always the same things again and again, no its the kind how to wage wars in KoC. ppl hiding troops all the time, dont build up walls nomore, use doves and and and.... this isnt fun, how to play a wargame if noone wage a war anymore? i wished troops would suffer under too less food and hiding troops just a maximum number like ress in the warehouse, but the game as it is, isnt mine nomore. the only reason why i still log in is cause of the peeps i met there, for having fun i play another game now, something cheaper, not that commercial and much deeper in game physics. sad kabam, this game could be the best ive ever seen but a game has to get improved and not get downgraded. greetz