Hey Kabam, I believe there is somebody in the server Morgana38 cheating and hacking or paying someone to hack gems onto his account. In only 2 weeks, he has obtained level 51. His might is low, around 1 million, because I believe he has not started to even train yet. I saw on global chat one day he said he used 1k gems to get his healing potions to 10, now honestly who would spent $70 dollars to obtain one level of healing potions, unless they got their gems in an unfair fashion. A simple look into the transaction history of his account I believe would reveal that he has obtained the gems illegitimately, and I hope that kabam can take action and remove this cheater because he is not only stealing from your potential gem sales, but stealing the experience of a legitimate competition between players in Morgana38. I have submitted a support ticket to Kabam (incident:120815-000529). I would just like to make everyone at Kabam aware of this problem so you may take action and make the game a fairer place for all the real paying customers. Thank you. -Anonymous