Missing Items
I have contacted kabam support many times and I have recieved no response so I hope this will kick you guys into high gear.
Issue #1 I wrote kabam a week ago about healing troops. I was healing over 1mil troops mix between t3-t5 and imps. (I don't know exact number because it happened so fast.) I qued the healing and 2 min later all the troops dissapeared. I have had no response from kabam on this. 02643496
Issue # 2. Three days ago I had two everlasting portals. The one I was using expired so I used the second one I went back 1 min later to move my city again and it was gone. Again no response from kabam. 02657504
Issue#3 over the last 24 hours kabam held two separate ftom that offered everlasting portals down to 20th place. I placed 3rd in the first comp and 8th in the second. I only recieved 1 everlasting portal. Again no response I'm tired of waiting. Please resolve these issues I believe I'm the only one this has happened too. 02661239

How do I post screen shots to this? Anyone help with that pls.