Sooo...With the release of the 2 latest sets of gears, they both require *LV5 sainted knights. There is so much difficulty for low spenders to attain such items, even if they do, they'll need the right level knight to wear the gear. THEN, they have to forge the gear with NON-master hammers (at best, low lv master hammers). The balance of attack and defence have been voiced by numerous players. The game is clearly one sided. How are Kabam going to hold onto new players (even old players) if this continues? I understand the spenders should have a premium but the gap shouldn't be this wide. Who's going to open when attackers are guaranteed to win?

Anyone in Kay 21 who's willing to battle with a decent knight (not fully forged) and heroes below lv 30? I have 1.5billion might to get rid of so I can be done with this game. Yeah, I can just leave it opened and forget about it but I would like a decent TK stat after putting some time and money in this game. hahaha