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Play Like Maj Ch. 1 - Personality and Gems

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  • Play Like Maj Ch. 1 - Personality and Gems

    INTRODUCTION- Avast me landlubbin sea donkeys.

    First off, who the heck am I and why am I writing this guide? Simply put I'm just another player like you who has a bit better grasp on the game then the majority of its players. Am I the best?!?! Not at all, there are players out there that are much better then me. I'm fortunate enough to have many of them in my alliance “Pirates Code”. Arrrrrrrr!

    I'm writing this guide for the hundreds of people who have asked me for advice during my time playing the game. Simple as that. Its not an end all be all guide for domination of KOC:BFtN.

    PERSONALITY- Harrr, where be me bow-legged wenchs?

    Before we even start to talk about the game we need to talk about what kind of player you are. Actually, what kind of player you should be is probably more important. From my experience aggressive always beats defensive. You have to understand that 95 out of 100 people are passive players. No matter how much you hit them they wont hit you back. They would rather try to talk you out of attacking them then risk losing more by attacking back. Just imagine you just got punched in the face. What will your reaction be? If its taking out a pen and paper and writing a really nice flattering letter to your opponent then you're on par with the average KOC player.

    Its in peoples nature to be more defensive, yet as the ages have taught us, a good offense is better then the best defense. Action always beats reaction. A person who's waiting for something to happen so they can react is always one step behind. This is the trade mark of a poor alliance leader. As a leader people trust you to make the right choice, but most people wait until they have no choice at all. Usually the key id feature of someone who lacks the trait to create action is someone who is constantly planning the perfect attack.

    Be a professional killer. This is something that I've learned throughout my time in naval special operations. Be humble, never threaten someone, never brag about what you've done or could do. If you're at the point where you want to threaten to attack someone then do it. People threaten to destroy me all day long. Maybe one day it'll happen, but not by one of them. Being a professional is about behaving in such a way that shows people how good you are without having to brag about it or trying to prove yourself with words. If you're good people will notice it. You can be confident, and some people mistake that for cockiness, but you cant win them all right?

    Being a good global chat warrior is fun and takes a lot of finesse but its beyond the scope of this guide, and frankly rarely amounts to anything tangible.

    This is a game, like any sport nobody likes a bad loser or a flamboyant winner. You're a professional, attack for reasons that make sense to people. “You're a good farm” is a legit reason. Don't attack just because you can. You create true enemies that way. Do it enough and the whole server will be against you. Always be true to your word, even though others will try to make it seem like you weren’t. Never lie to make yourself look better, even when others insist you lie about everything. These are all things that help people respect you, even if you just destroyed their best friend. What fun is being on top with nobody to praise you for it?

    In the end you're just playing a game and enjoying it right? If you can show that without being disrespectful, arrogant, insulting, any other completely negative trait, then you can farm people to your hearts content and still be in a good position. Prove you're good through you actions, not your words, and people will respect you more.

    GEMSSpending yer hard earned booty.

    First thing I'm going to talk about is Gems. Many people seem to think that buying gems is cheating or unfair. This is a free to play game and the developers are spending time on it to make money. The way they do that is through gems. In a sense the game is designed for every player to use gems. By buying gems I'm directly supporting the company that is developing the game that I enjoy. If you get a free ticket to a football game do you expect to be sitting in the front row?

    Whether you think gems are fair or not there’s one simple truth about them. Gems don’t make a good player, but a good player uses gems. Now you can either buy them, win them, or tapjoy them. If I had more time than money I'd certainly use the tapjoy option.

    So now that you've got your precious gems what should you spend them on? There are a few things, first of course is a second city. After that, the only thing you cant compete without are leveled up knights. They affect everything from your build/research speed to far more important things like troop training speed and troop attack strength. At a minimum you're going to want a level 200+ knight for attacking alone. You'll want a second lvl 200+ knight in your second city for resource generation and troop training. You'll need two divine inspirations to make your knight halls level 10.

    Why is this so important? Look at it this way. Imagine that a single troop hits for 10 points of damage and had 10 points of health. A knight at level 200 increases its damage to 20 and health to 20. So not only does he hit twice as much but because he can take two hits he can attack twice more. Thats effectively four times as strong as an enemy troop with a level 1 knight. Even putting that fact aside you will train troops 50% faster. Put them together and you have far more troops with far more strength. See what I'm getting at? You can cry about gems all the way back down to 0 might.

    If you have more gems then that then keep a stockpile of Bearskin/Stoneskin and Blood Lust/Blood Frenzy enough to use during times when you're making a serious offensive. If you have more then that level your Alchemy Lab and Rally Point, in that order, up to level 10. This will allow you to get another 10% health and attack strength through Poison Blade and Healing Potions as well as send 10k more troops on each attack. Next if you really want to, I did, you can level up your stables and black smith as they give small increases in the training speed of their corresponding troops.

    Do not get sucked into wasting your gems on speeding up training, its not worth it. In most cases you'll probably use gems to speed up attacks on big players to catch them off guard or before they can reinforce. Any use other then listed above will have a fairly insignificant impact on how strong you are.

    If you'd like me to continue this guide please feel free to post below or message me in game. Fair winds.


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    why L10 knight hall?

    whAt does the upgrade to level 10 knight hall get for you? is that needed to lvl up a knight to max 200? you seem to suggest that if i had one divine inspiration, spend it on the knight hall?!

    great writeup, maj. i hope nobody else sees this.. lol


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      Originally posted by Unregistered View Post
      whAt does the upgrade to level 10 knight hall get for you? is that needed to lvl up a knight to max 200? you seem to suggest that if i had one divine inspiration, spend it on the knight hall?!

      great writeup, maj. i hope nobody else sees this.. lol
      Yes, I dont know the exact level you can get your knight too with a level 9 Knights Hall. I think it might be 170 but dont quote me. Maybe someone else can correct me.
      Satta Matka


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        Originally posted by Captain_Maj View Post
        Yes, I dont know the exact level you can get your knight too with a level 9 Knights Hall. I think it might be 170 but dont quote me. Maybe someone else can correct me.
        pirates are pansies. thought you'd know that from your naval days.


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          Riveting stuff

          I'll give u an a for effort maj Although, if u have the gems to spend on all that, and I assume u already have, u would realise that once you have a substantial offence, building our defensive might will help greatly in sustaining a large offence. I'm sure u will discuss troops and walls m such in chapter 2, I look forward to you teaching people how to dove as well


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            Everything in this guide is spot on. I especially liked the section on how to conduct yourself. Awesome guide


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              Thanks a lot, if you liked this one check out chapter two, just went up.
              Satta Matka


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                You speak of decorum and such yet farming and saying u looked like a farm is bad form I think. But great info maj


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                  If the wolves dont pray on the sheep then they would never get ahead. This is the way it is.
                  Satta Matka


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                    Originally posted by Captain_Maj View Post
                    Yes, I dont know the exact level you can get your knight too with a level 9 Knights Hall. I think it might be 170 but dont quote me. Maybe someone else can correct me.
                    I got my knight to 191 with a lvl 9 knights hall.


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                      Originally posted by Unregistered View Post
                      I got my knight to 191 with a lvl 9 knights hall.
                      Would you be able to tell us how you managed that? Trying to figure out the cap per Knights Hall level is horribly time consuming and / or expensive. So any extra info I can get will help heaps


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                        I think (but can't confirm this now) that the second city knights hall did not require leveling up to get higher evel knights in tat city.
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                          I have a lvl 193 with a lvl 9 knights hall. I suspect it works in a similar way as getting a level 212 knight in that, the cap lvl for a knight based on the hall level only means that once you reach that lvl (or past it) you can't add more experience. With a lvl 10 hall, if you knight reaches lvl 200 from experience, you will not be able to get it to level 212 (to do that, you have to get it to 199 and change before adding a Train with Aurthur). I suspect the rest of the hall levels work in a similar way. I suspect a lvl 9 hall means you can't ADD experience one your knight is at or past lvl 180, but if you had a lvl 179 before adding the Train with Arthur, you'd have a lvl 193...


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                            Capt Im a chancy of what I consider to be a good top 20 alliance, and from what ive seen I would love to see what youve managed to put together. My bet is a great group of killers


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                              Winning at any cost or having fun at no cost?

                              I have read Major's entire Guide, and it is well written and full of useful advice on dominating your KOCBFTN world. However, while the guide certainly helps me understand my enemy, it misses the mark for being practical for me in particular, or for the casual gamer unwilling or unable to buy gems. Don't get me wrong - I do not begrudge those that choose to spend their own money on gems. That's entirely their own choice. And, I entered the game knowing I would be at a disadvantage (Granted, not the HUGE disadvantage it turned out to be). If anything, the guide has convinced me that KOCBFTN is actually two games: one for those it the "winning at any cost" camp, and one for the "just having fun" camp. I hope to find a guide for the second camp.

                              I take issue with the way Major characterizes the moral character many of the players. Major derides players that lack the courage or the will to strike back. The fact is, they are acting rationally in the face of uneven odds. (Most players don't have a knight over level 30.) You don't engage in a direct conflict with a superior force; you find different tactics. Unfortunately, tactics in KOCTBFTN are limited. (You strike and turtle, you flip wilds if you find them). Major clearly outlines steps to take to even the odds for direct battle. Kudos. However, he is mistaken when he assumes that everyone else takes this as seriously as he does and is willing to sacrifice money (or tapjoy time/privacy) for in-game gains. This is NOT war; this is a game, and a mobile app at that. "Winning at any cost" may apply in many situations, but for me at least, it does not apply here. Personally, I'd rather have fun at no cost, than (have an opportunity) to "win" for $50+. Major mistakes timidity for a different perspective on the nature of mobile phone entertainment.

                              Many argue that the hundreds of dollars they spend on their cities is worth the entertainment return they receive in "dominating" their virtual world. I have better things to spend my money on.