Ok. It's about time someone speaks up. I think you guys are really slackin on the mobile version of this game. Like seriously? Give us some new features! Like tier 4 or some new buildings! How about you guys pay attention to the "Suggestions and Features" forums?! Like the Facebook verision us loaded then you go to the mobile and it's super plain. You guys really need to spice up the game. The gems are also VERY over priced.

Not to mention this new update. You guys need to TEST your updates a lot before you release them to everyone. The new update that you gave out has SO many bugs that it's ridiculous!

It may be just an IOS game, but a lot of people spend hundreds and some even thousands on this game! The least you guys can do is listen to us when we reccomend stuff it's ridiculous! Not to mention the TERRIBLE customer support. You guys need to step up your game.

And the funny thing about it is that this post will most likely get ignored. And you know why I'm so mad? Because I, myself have spent 200 dollars on this game AT LEAST. Plus, I always see SO many bugs on the forums and people asking for help and THEY DON'T GET THE HELP THEY NEED. As far as I'm concerened, me and Runey have been helping everyone out!

You guys need to stop taking our money if you are going to give us terrible service.

Thank you for listening --- and no hate towards Kabam, I am loyal to you guys. But this needs some improvements ASAP.