Well Kahoona I hope you fix my issue and will give you a short period of time to get back with me to give me a status of my account. Who knows maybe you will follow through but I will tell you I am not holding my breath only because NONE has done nothing. This is Kabams time line I am giving them to fix my problem, 3 days are already gone, by the close of business on Monday 28th. If I do not have an email explaining to me what is wrong or they have fixed this problem I will start reporting you to every entity I have at my disposal. I have spent way to much money on this game to have you ignore me so if you think I am playing with you then I will not hear from you. I can assure you that the position I am in right now you will forever remember my name so all you have to do is to fix this problem and all is good. Thousands of dollars I have spent and I have several investors that are waiting for my reply to them so do what is right and FIX this PROBLEM with my account.

I know that you MUST reply to the Better Business Bureau's online complaint so I also am looking forward to that reply to case # 57288126. It is amazing on how many people you meet playing this game and their role across many positions in many countries. This is not a threat but simply a customer service issue; if you have forgotten what made Kabam successful look at your customer base for without them you will not exist oh and don't forget your investors!!

Mr. Kevin Chou as the CEO you should be ashamed of yourself for letting this get this far; your management team should be on this like fly's on @^%$. Your rating on the BBB is astounding but it speaks loud and clear to millions of viewers. Why is your customer service not catching these issues PRIOR to it hitting the BBB reports? Social media can be a blessing but can also be the plague of Kabam.

Millions of players equal addiction but your customer service is their therapy and your curing all of them so they move on to a game that HAS better customer service.

Slimshaddy, Merlin50
(the account that is not accessible and nothing fixed at this point)