I was seriously bored today so just out of curiosity I pulled 30 players numbers and found something that kabam should attend to all week starting this Monday. In my random sampling of merlin12, I found a negative 6286%% population growth. I know the idea isn't grow but probably be more even, and I understand it's a random sampling and your numbers are probably more perciece but this is scary to say the very least. I think You decrease and increase troop chests amounts to stabalize but please answer if your getting the same numbers on historical data. That's my question and please and thank you and love you mean it. I'm of course asking this with a suggestion in mind. Your fixed growth rates, which are castles, possibly could correct this. Here it is plain and simple: 1. Make gear effect que time 2. Make crystals extremely easier to gain 3. Gold production can't keep up with 5th city healing rates= make gold easier to access. 4. Have some new population button that triples the population cap for 24hours ( I know this one isn't fixed but still). All this is simply to pull the left half off the bell curve closer to the middle. Yours truly, shakethebarley Ps: your customer service team has been brilliant of late. Keep it up