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Cross world gem boycott

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  • Cross world gem boycott

    We have organized a cross world gem boycotte. This includes buying/using gems, Buying and using troop chests and also partking in merlins madness. even if you have left over tokens. So far 5 worlds are involved in it. We are doing this cause we are sick of Kabams lack of support. Comp prizes suck. Merlins madness sucks. Their customer support sucks and they dont fix any glitches in the game. They just add new ways to make money like the new gear system, Come and join us in the boycott.

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    Originally posted by stuffinmuffin1 View Post
    We have organized a cross world gem boycotte. This includes buying/using gems, Buying and using troop chests and also partking in merlins madness. even if you have left over tokens. So far 5 worlds are involved in it. We are doing this cause we are sick of Kabams lack of support. Comp prizes suck. Merlins madness sucks. Their customer support sucks and they dont fix any glitches in the game. They just add new ways to make money like the new gear system, Come and join us in the boycott.
    You should look into the previous boycott rooms on line. The issue that never really gets resolved is lack of customer service. They can buy a ball field but can't hire more support.


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      Point is we are trying. A lot of players are being involved. And that is why I posted here and several chancies have msg Kabam


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        Ok no gemmys i can do that. nice name btw i like muffins can i eat you or that like cannibalism? I agree with everything you said and thanks for spreading the word!!!


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          Youre welcome Crayon. Thanks for your support. And yes you can eat me anytime.


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            Although I applaud your efforts, why not start with an online petition, first... I would like to think Kabam would respond to a thread with a couple thousand names on it.


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              That is what i am hoping to do here.


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                LOL! Yeah right.

                Well - I applaude your efforts...but too many players out there still are spending $100's a week on this dead *** game. But I have already supported this by DELETING THE CAMELOT APP FROM MY PHONE. I did it today. Screw this game. Look at my old posts - I've been on here for 10 months trying to save this game, I loved this game once. But not one time did anyone from Kabam ever come on and say there were trying to save the game. 99% of posts on this forum are complaints about the game. The only way to solve it is just delete the app. They make enough money from 5 or so big gemmers per server to justify keeping it open. To hell with the other players. So I just quit the game. 788 million might closed up. Every building level 10 or higher, multiple 250 knights, lionheart gear, blah blah blah.....all down the drain. (Yes - I WAS a gemmer). Camelot APP deleted from my phone tonight! So, long story short, good luck on the gem boycott....I'm with ya...

                Go play Dark Ages 2. It's fun.


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                  And if you think Camelot is outdated and Kabam is focusing all efforts on The Hobbit, think again. I've copied and pasted a post from a player from the Hobbit server. Looks like all Kabam games are the same.....

                  I give up

                  I've played this game a year now. I've been active in forums, I've joined online chat app think tanks to discuss ideas to make the game better, I've built an alli from the ground up and made it successful, and yes, I've spent real money on this game. I'm done. I'm done with you ignoring your customer base. I'm done watching the big spenders dominate this game to a point where the smaller allis are all giving up and moving on to other games with a more level playing field. I'm done trying to post constructive threads in the interest of bettering this game. You guys are a joke. You're content to let server after server die as you open new ones. You run non stop tournaments of might that are nothing but money grabs. There hasn't been an actual might gain cmp in months. It's all decided by who has the most boxed might. You refuse to clear out the thousands of inactives and funnel new players into the old servers, instead just opening new server after new server. I don't play this game for the comp prizes I play for the friends I've made in the last year and the family that is my alli. But they're all feeling the same way. Your current path for this game is unsustainable for most to stay competitive and the gap widens every day. I'm off to play a different game. Don't know which, but it won't be a kabam game. I refuse to continue to support a company that doesn't support it's consumers. It's no wonder consumer reports rated you so atrociously.



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                    I found this post by a Kabam employee to the above post from Grundle....

                    Thank you to Grundel BC1 for starting this post and raising some important points. Also thank you to Dart for bringing this post to my attention.

                    Grundle BC1 , I’m sorry that to hear that latest changes to KOM have been a disappointment to you among other things. I hope I can provide some answers to your concerns and as well as some insight to a few of the most recent plans for the game.

                    One complaint is that there are too many inactives and players are frustrated when we open new servers. Inactives Cities are cleaned from worlds on a weekly basis. We are currently developing a more robust automated feature that would either remove inactives as soon as they fall into a certain criteria, or what we would really like to do is create a feature that would allow players to ‘defeat’ inactive Cities in order to remove them and reward players for that action.

                    We typically open new servers in groups, and then take a break, allowing new players to populate older servers. We haven’t opened a new server since January 19. Most new players tend to quickly abandon the old servers and migrate to a new one where they have a better chance at competing. Many players have complained about the Moon Rune feature because they do not see an immediate value to their game. It is hard when most players expect every new feature to cater directly to them. The Moon Rune feature is targeted at new players who can benefit from the extra items/resources by investing a little bit more time playing. What is most exciting to me about the Moon Rune feature, is that is has created a foundation for us to build off of, and will eventually provide better rewards and prizes for different levels of players. This is very much a feature that is in its earliest phase, but has a lot of potential.

                    We are currently working on server merges and how best to implement such a radical change to a lot of player’s game. Most players are in favor of servers merges, like myself, but they are much more complicated than people tend to think, and will need to be implemented with a lot of care.

                    No matter how it is executed, there will be players that are unhappy with how the merges impact them. Certain details like what to do with Alliances that share the same name, or Players that share the same name? Do we relocate everyone’s Cities to new tiles, or let some players keep theirs while others end up somewhere else on the map? Do we merge all leaderboards or reset everything and start fresh? These are a number of the smaller complications that are involved. Not to say this isn’t something we are pushing for, it just means it is something that is taking a lot of development time to orchestrate.

                    There is a big Alliance feature/expansion being developed. Details are still being worked out, but it could potentially include an Alliance Shop, Alliance shared buffs, a larger emphasis on Alliance Leaderboards (Alliance TK Leaderboard is definitely happening), and more. One of the most popular suggestions is for Alliances to be able to share or trade Items, and it is something that we are exploring.

                    With our current dev cycle, it isn’t possible to have a big release every month. The smaller version updates, like 9.1 have gradual improvements. Game lag is something we are constantly optimizing to reduce as well as other imperfections in the game. It is not as simple as releasing one version that fixes everything. If it were, it would have happened already. Instead we are trying to constantly evolve the KOM and provide deeper layers of gameplay, while a maintaning that a significant amount of development time is dedicated to improving upon any player facing issues.

                    Our Customer Support team gets a lot of animosity. I wish we could just go ahead and hire 100 new people to respond to tickets. But every new agent needs to be carefully trained and ramped up. Any mistake made by them can cause great lasting issues. It has happened before and it will most likely happen again if we are not cautious about who we hire and train.

                    The KOM Community Team listens very carefully to player feedback and communicates everything to our Game Team. Many player based suggestions have made it into the game and there are many more in the works. Keeping up with how rapidly content is consumed is one of our biggest challenges. Something that makes sense today may not make sense after its released two months later. That is why our Game Team has to weigh the pros and cons of every suggestion before committing to building them.

                    There is an exciting year of features, releases, and events planned for 2014, as well as many decisions that still need to be made for the KOM roadmap. I encourage you to keep including any suggestions, whether simple or over the top, because there is always a possibility they will be included in a future version.

                    Many Thanks,


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                      It would be nice if Camelot had a Kabam employee that addressed some of the issues that are causing this game to die. Many of them are the same as The Hobbit.

                      1. Clear out the tons of inactives on older servers. There is no way that the inactives have been cleared EVER from B23 or any older servers. That's why we can't get new players joining.
                      2. Then there's the issue of cheaters.....creating fake account with fake email, using free gems to buy troops and killing those troops....Come on Kabam, you can easily stop that.
                      3. A server merger would be nice, and also a market place or "shop" as mentioned above would be nice as well.
                      4. Please you have to level the training field too....massive troop gemmers are killing the game as well.
                      5. Why would a new player want to join a server with players who have over 6 billion might! They have no chance. No chance to place in any comps, no chance to even make a dent on the leaderboards, so whats the incentive for new players to join? None. That's why you have to do something to even the playing field. Gemmers should and always will have an advantage, but the gap is just WAY to big now. There are many other ways to make money on this game than selling troop 200 million might troop chests. Troop chests have killed the game for anyone but the deep pocket player. And those players are about the only one's left on servers now.

                      If you want to save the game, you have to make it playable for EVERYONE. Not just the $200 per week gemmer. The might gains are out of control.

                      KABAM - IF YOU GUYS WOULD COMMUNICATE WITH US ON THIS FORUM, then there wouldn't be a need to call for a gem boycott as this thread is doing.

                      Please - just let us know you guys care about saving the game and the older servers, and give us some hope.

                      I quit the game today, deleted the app, but would gladly come back if some changes were made. See our many posts on this forum, and COMMUNICATE BACK TO US some of your plans. Otherwise, people are just gonna give up like me and quit.


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                        Good luck to your gem boycott. I found that my best move was deleting the app. While I miss chatting with peeps through the game (I still do talk to several people through line and touch), and zeroing morons while still winning ratios, alas, it's not worth the money to kill a bunch of pixel troops. If I want to get screwed, I might as well use my gem money on least i'll leave with a smile....ijs


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                          Originally posted by spain246 View Post
                          Good luck to your gem boycott. I found that my best move was deleting the app. While I miss chatting with peeps through the game (I still do talk to several people through line and touch), and zeroing morons while still winning ratios, alas, it's not worth the money to kill a bunch of pixel troops. If I want to get screwed, I might as well use my gem money on least i'll leave with a smile....ijs
                          Haha I like the last bit! I left the game for a few months as I was playing hobbit more, I spent £12.99 on gems for the premium and ended up with over 400 tokens to use! After clicking most of the troops I ended up with 250mm. To then be zeroed in 10 hits as I hadn't forged my gear, and his gear far exceeded mine! So you win some and lose some! I rarely spend now as the boxes are on average about 50 mithril now anyways. So good luck guys!