Ok I've been trying to forge weapons since they came out. I had some hammer and tried and was able to gain 3 levels. Than I had to buy hammers to forge. I SPENT over 800 gems on these retarted wood and iron hammers. They fail 9/10 times. If you are going to sell hammers so expensive WHY NOT OFFER THE GOOD ONES IN THE STORE? And let people obtain wood and iron in the wilds? TO TOP it off I don't know where to obtain better hammers than iron. When I click on it, it says I can get them by surveying the wilds, but I've been speed surveying for 2 days and still NOTHING. so back to my questions HOW CAN I OBTAIN BETTER HAMMERS? Stop selling the weak items. Let people obtain wood and iron hammers from the wilds, while the other two hammers should be offered in the store.