Forging System

Taking your Gear to the Forge allows you to increase the level of your Gear, which can increase your "total Might" and the power of your "Attributes."

How to forge:

Tap the in the blacksmith. Then, tap the forge tab.

Hammers and Enchantment Dust are used and required to forge Gear.

This meter lets you know what the chance of gaining a level will be. The higher the level of your Gear, the harder a successful Forge will be.

2. Double tap the Hammer you wish to use. The better the Hammer, the better chance you have to gain a level.

Underneath the Tabs (Strengthen, Forge, Embed) You’ll see “Next Level.” Beneath that, you will see a list of that Gear’s Attributes. The green percentage numbers tell you how much that Attribute will increase if you gain a level.

Example from above: The current Gear is level 1 and thats why is says “Next level: 2. The first attribute, which is on the left, will increase by 1.00% from 14.50% to 15.50%. The second will increase 1.00% from 28% to 29%. The third and the fourth also will increase by 1.00%.