[SIZE=4][COLOR="#DAA520"]UPDATED Gear System FAQ - Part 2 (1-78 en + pt)


Strengthening Gear is how you unlock your Gear’s special attributes and increase stats like: Troop Attack Strength, Troop Speed, Troop Health, and Max Troop Capacity. Some Gear even have multiple Attributes! Each piece of Gear has an amount of Exp. it must gain to unlock the next attribute. Gear gains exp by scrapping other Gear to power it up.

Attribute Types:

There are 4 types of Attributes a piece of Gear can have, which is indicated by the image in the center. The stars indicated the strength of that attribute. 1 * is the weakest and 4 * is the strongest.

(soldier) TROOP SIZE

(heart) TROOP LIFE



How to Strengthen:

1. The selected Gear will be in the middle of the screen. The Gear that is shown at the bottom of the screen is equipment you can destroy to strengthen the centered Gear.

2. To increase the centered Gear’s EXP, hold and drag any of the Gear at the bottom of the screen and drag it to the center of the screen.

Note: The bottom piece of Gear will be destroyed once dragged to center of the screen.

3. When a piece of Gear gains enough experience, Attributes tied to the piece of Gear will unlock. Tap on the Attribute bubbles to find out what special skills your Gear has.

Note: Some Gear possess zero Attributes

5. When an Attribute is unlocked, it will glow gold, otherwise, it will be blackened out.

This crest: , on the upper portion of the screen tells you the number of Attributes unlocked.

6. To See the details of an Attribute, tap it:

7. Once a piece of Gear unlocks all of its Attributes, it cannot be Strengthened further.

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