UPDATED Gear System FAQ Part 1

(Worlds 1-78 en + pt)

What is the Gear System?
How to equip Gear
How to obtain new Gear
Leveling up Gear

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What is the Gear System?

The Gear System is a new way to power up your Knight. By equipping Gear you can increase your Might, and even the strength, Speed, and Life of your troops. The Gear System will make your Kingdom more powerful than you ever thought possible!


*Level 5 Knights’ Hall
*Level 5 Blacksmith

How to equip Gear

To utilize the Gear in your inventory, you must equip it to your Knights.

1. Go to the Knights Hall and tap the blue “Equip” button, located right under +EXP.

2. Double tap, or hold and drag, any piece of Gear to equip it to that Knight

3. To change the type of Gear that is listed on the bottom of the screen, tap this icon:

This button will bring up a list of Gear categories. You can chose to display all Gear, or just a specific type like Swords or Shields.

Note: A Knight can only equip one of each type of equipment. Sorry, no dual wielding swords.

4. To unequip Gear, double tap or hold and drag the piece of equipment off the Knight to the bottom of the screen.

5. The Information tab on the upper right of the screen will give you a summary of your Knight’s current Gear and stats.

How to obtain new Gear

1. Successfully attack Wilds and Pictish Camps to obtain new Gear!

Higher level Wilds will give you a better chance at unlocking rare equipment.

Your Battle Report will list whether or not you unlocked a new piece of Gear.

Leveling up Gear

Gear can be powered up in the Blacksmith by STRENGTHENING it

To smith Gear, tap the Blacksmith and then the Equipment tab to bring up a list of your current Gear. You can only hold 60 pieces of Gear at a time.

2. Tab the button from the piece of equipment you would like to smith.

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