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  • Hengist10

    Yet another domain is slowly becoming a victim of the curse of the Fury/Skin. In over 4 years of playing KoC between Battle for the North and FB, I can't remember ever seeing a mass exodus like I've seen in the past weeks on Hengist10. These aren't noobs. These are vets who have been around from the beginning of the server. These are paying customers that are defecting to GoW and other non-Kabam apps.

    First, let's put blame where it belongs. Ever since implementing the Fury/Skin into the game, a move obviously aimed at equalizing the defensive advantage, no one opens anymore. I don't blame them. I saw a report the other day where 90k t3s and 11k archers took out 646k t1s and 63k t3s, all in one hit. Now, before I'm accused of whining, let's consider this: 2,376,044 might took out 4,096,000 might. Now, I do not know what level knight they had defending, but I do know a Fury was used and an Ironskin was not. Nevertheless, that ratio is ridiculous. So what is the alternative? Stay closed. I remember the days when a player would stay open all the time and it took 5-10 of us attacking strategically to zero them. To quote the grumpy old man from SNL, "that's the way that it was and WE LIKED IT!" Sure we pissed and moaned about the defensive advantage, but we still fought. Ah, nostalgia is wonderful.

    This brings me back to my point: the presumptive terminal wound inflicted on Hengist10. To be honest, I find myself wondering if Kabam is willing to sacrifice our beloved domain instead of rolling back the furies and skins. Oh, by the way, did I mention you pretty much got to buy chests to win these beauties (don't even mention Merlin, purveyor of 40k food and second city deeds)? Perhaps it is too much work for them to fix it. Perhaps it is impossible. Would they push those of us onto other servers instead of saving what we have invested so much time and, unfortunately, money to build up? Is that their way of pushing the proverbial reset button? There are good people here, willing to hold out to the bitter end. Perhaps one day, Kabam will open the door to the vault and find the remnant of us sitting in what is left of H10, white beards hanging to our ankles, scraps of clothing clinging to our skeleton-like frames, picking nits from each other's hair. Might be better just to brick it off and bury us with it. No, that would be too dramatic. History leans toward a pulling of the plug. Rest in Peace Order of Elements.

    In bringing my pontification to a close, consider this my rare plea to what has been an absolutely atrocious customer service department. I believe there's still time to save our domain. Rid us of this scourge of furies and skins you have brought down upon us like the gods of Olympus. If not, then confide in us that the time has come and a decision has to be made. Let us know there is nothing more you can do. Tell us how sorry you are for our loss. As cruel as this is, it is far worse to allow us to continue to carry the cup of false hope.

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    We had a visit today from a kabam developer on pendragon16 and hopefully he will be back in the future; he has spoken to a few of us and has taken some ideas away from the experience and hopefully a channel will be setup for ideas about furies and ironskins.

    My personal opinion is the idea behind it was good but in retrospect they made the fury too powerful - reducing it to 50% bonus would probably equalise the defensive formula; I for one would stay open knowing it would take 100m furied to kill 100m defending and have the ironskins removed completely from the game - that way at worst you kill what you are in terms of might, there or thereabouts - some troop types and levels are still going to give the attacker more kills especially t1 vs t2, but this was true even before furies existed.


    • #3
      Back before the world ended (pre-fury and pre-skin), there was talk of having to hit strategically, mixing and matching troops to the target you are hitting. Heck, there's even descriptions underneath the troops that tell you which troops are best against which. But, just like those Avalons Marks and Arthur's Amulets I got sitting in my inventory, they're pretty much useless. I'm good with the idea of reducing furies. I don't know how I feel about people being able to win them by buying chests but it's all about gaining an advantage.
      Fat flusher


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        I am a H10 vet and I will say I agree with 100% but as we've seen over the years we've been playing and spending money kabam takes no effort in listening to there paying customers And in all honesty they will prolly never do anything about it


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          The report you mentioned in your opening statement was obviously someone without a knight on marshal and without any buffs.. While the attacker was fully buffed with a high knight.. Defending with t1s if all els is equal even WITHOUT ironskin will always (even if the attacker is furried) result in equal or greater might killed from t2s-t5s... And that my fellow sheep is why the system IS balanced.

          My advice to everyone complaining about fury and bought might is to build more cottages, as many as it takes for you to keep building t1s around the clock in every city.. Not only will you get the fastest might gain you can acheive while training, youll also get by far the strongest might.. the better kill ratio against anyone who uses a fury with t2-5.. And if you do get hit by someone with t1s furried against your t1s that dont have ironskin the ratio is exactly the same as if the roles were reversed, 40% more losses defending rather than attacking.. If you guys want to go back to the brainless defending will always win and attacking always losses system its only because youve yet to understand true mechanics of this game and how it all works.. Something youll never do if all you do is hug, hide and only fight defending with ironskin.


          • #6
            Fellow H10 Vet here. I was really trying to stick it out, but that Halloween mess really showed me how pathetic Kabam has been lately. And as an insult to injury, they come back today with this new update that, frankly, makes my eyes hurt. I know I'm picking at silly things, when in fact my entire alliance of formerly 100 brave players has disbanded or quit the game entirely in the past week.

            Here's the thing. You can't fault Kabam for trying new things. But they're trying to make a quick buck, not create an experience that captures players. Hence the constant Madness events and tournaments of "money." I won't be a part of it anymore.

            The funny thing is - in all this redesigning, they didn't even fix the minor bugs that I've been nagging them about for a long time. Heck, it still says "Conquer to surveRy" - extra R capitalized, just in case you didn't catch that. With some of the spelling I see in GC, it's hard to know

            But seriously, this new redesign? Who thought this looked better? Seriously? Fire them. Then fire at them.


            • #7
              People don't understand the mechanics of the game??? Seriously?

              It's pretty simple mate, people look for cities that are open then furie them for easy kills, the kill ratio is ridiculous so in turn no one opens and the game is dying the amount of people leaving the game is more than enough evidence of that!

              Furies should be reduced to 50% or maybe a one time hit.

              I say get rid and let the game return to the way it used to was fun then!


              • #8
                Yes, if you know how to play, you can easily defend without an ironskin and still get better kills


                • #9
                  Let me address Habs24 posting. First, I do understand the mechanics of attacking with a Fury. I've read the threads in forums where people have shown how, between building wall and fodder, that they've been able to effectively defeat Fury. If you read my argument, you will have seen that I did not address the mechanics of Fury/Skin, but the effects it has had on the game.

                  Let's consider this: players take the path of least resistance ergo, the majority of players which do not understand the mechanics, are going to hug. This has led to the consequential effect of killing the game. My point is proven in that all you need to do is take a look around you and see how many people are hugging, complaining, and/or quitting altogether. So, regardless of your point as to whether Fury/Skins are manageable, the fact remains that their effect has been and continues to be counter-productive. You are not seeing the forest for the trees.

                  With the "umpteen" number of messages Kabam sends out, I'm baffled by the fact that, if they truly stand behind the implementation of Fury/Skins, and are being bombarded by frustrated player/customer complaints, they have not issued some sort of mass message to 1) address those concerns and 2) take the time to address the mechanics so that all players can understand them. As it stands, the perception is that, those who attack with Fury on are unbeatable unless you have a Skin on. Right or wrong, perception is reality. Again Habs24, take a second to look around you. To say that there's nothing wrong, while everything around you says that there is, doesn't change any of the facts.
                  Fat flusher


                  • #10
                    Im sryy too say but habs you dont see the problem here how am a killer like raz me xl hnic and the rest of the p1 killers suppose too keep killing when all the players are closed can you xplane that too me ? Im a big spender yes i dont mind iff my furyes was only 50% more attack 100 % is too much people stay closed we are here to kill not too hug its a game of killing and kascam not too mention your lack of involment when people sends a complaint why do you even have a complaint service all im hearing fromcpeople in the game are complaints about your lack of involment in your game you are are the ones that are killing this game not the players the danish hitman is out finley you have a great point here but like raz said they probaly wont listen they just want moreeeee money and srew the rest of us in a game we like


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                      It makes me laugh that people complain about no one being open when they're never open themselves. Hypocrisy much lmmfao


                      • #12
                        Im not sure about the state of your world, but I have no problem finding people open, in fact i see people in global several times a day begging for a fight.. And youll argue that those people have ironskin on, but remember that fury cancels ironskin and what your left is what you are asking for.. 40% advantage to defender like it was before. The only valid point and its no longer an issue now is that ironskin and fury are expensive and give a huge advantage to those who spend.. I know several people now that have several of each and have yet to spend a dime on this game.


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                          There's no defender's advantage. Never has been. There's winner advantage and it's not 40%. It goes to defender more often sure, but no one would attack if the defender got 40% advantage. You might want to study up on battle mechanics


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                            And so we come to the crux of the matter, Habs. I don't know about others, but I can honestly say that I've won maybe 2-3 Furies and maybe 5-6 Skins in the last three or four months. Then again, I don't buy gems anymore. And those people that you claim are open, what do they do once their Skin wears off? They close. Why? Because they don't want to come back to find their might decimated by a guy half their size. And the only reason they open with Skins on is usually to win a TK contest. What Kabam has done is set a monetary value on a crucial aspect of the game that creates a pseudo-competitive environment where the winners are decided not by skill but by the amount of money they are willing to spend. Congratulations, you have the best experience money can buy.
                            Fat flusher


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                              Originally posted by Razorhog83 View Post
                              I am a H10 vet and I will say I agree with 100% but as we've seen over the years we've been playing and spending money kabam takes no effort in listening to there paying customers And in all honesty they will prolly never do anything about it
                              That is a fact Raz, but I don't think it will go unnoticed by Kabam the fact of so many players quitting.