Your having a laugh!!! Since when does something everlasting last for 24 hours? why not call it the "24 hour portal" or the "All Day Portal"? calling it the everlasting portal suggests it will last forever, does it not? If you bought something that lasts forever I think you'd be a bit disappointed if it only lasted 24 hours!! somebody needs to stop smoking weed I think.

I've now got 5 Pumpkin knights, I cant use the 5th as I'm only allowed 4!!!! Why? I can't find anything that says you will be limited to one pumpkin knight per city. I take it that the knight will disappear on the 8th of Nov and I will have wasted my money getting It. Kabam's scams department has been working overtime again!!!

You just can't help it can you?? Everything with Kabam has to be bent and dishonest.