I have played koc north as nongemmer for 3 mnths and as well as gemmer also for 3 months ...i Have spent over 1500 usd in this game.

Lately the quality of game has dropped drastically compared to other games such as GAME OF WAR

I started playing GAME OF WAR and i loved that game..But if u can implement somethings it will attract our old players back.I know u dont stop us playing other games or u want us to play only KOC NORTH.

IF u can implement this in new version -- fine, or i will play only GAME OF WAR..thank u ..IF you r reading it.

Following are the suggestions i would like to be implemented in KOC NORTH

1) Pls carryout Merlin madness at least once a week but for a longer duration.Let us play for with maximum two or one token not with 5 tokens

2) Introduce MARKETPLACE in koc.
(a)Where we can buy gems and give gems to our alliance members
(b) Also we should be able to exchange the items bought from shop or by daily merlin with items but let us choose which section we want ( for eg. Miscellaneous items,speedup,combat items).
(c) Lets us exchange bulk of items for chests...(for eg for a chest worth 100 gems if we give 150 gems worth or 200 gems worth items we would be able to get the chest)

3) For every 1600 gems or so u get mystery chest ..pls dont put resouces in the chest ..Give us only troops,speedups,divine inspiration ,divine elevation or crystals

4) when u attack someone let some of our troops get injured.the injured troops cannot be used for certain period of time for attacking. If we defend with injured troops , they will have only half strength.

5)In troop chests,pls don't mix up with special items like grail trng or mystic trng..because we know no one is going to win the special items..only give t1 troops chest or t2 troop chest or t3 troop chest etc

6) keep separate chest for special items like grail or mystic or sword mastery etc ...in these chest pls don't include troops.

7) When u attack Pict camps let us get some special items like enchanted crystals (for 25 successful attacks),wondrous crystals for 35 attks, maybe 10,000 t3/t2 troops for 50 successful attacks etc..Pls don't make number of successful attacks more than 50 for giving away items otherwise nobody will participate in attacking Pict camps.It should be carried out throughout the day ,not like a competition..but like collecting city deeds.

8) Throughout the day carryout events in round tower ...small events( such as attack pict camps, exchange of jewels,capturing unoccupied wilds,taking out wall-troops only etc giving prizes of troops, speedups , tokens or combat items mainly for non gemmers)

9) Pls improve your customer care...otherwise u end up being most downloaded game but with least active online game

thank u