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Rule 1: Responses to rule violations
Violating these rules will result in warnings, either formal or informal, suspensions, banning, or other sanctions.

Rule 2: Respect other users on the forums
- Do not make attacks or insult other users, either in the forums or through private messages. Disagreements and debates are fine, but don?t make it personal.
- Do not attack groups. This includes professions, races, religions, sexual orientations, genders, incomes, or even vague groups like ?you people.?
- Do not use ill terms which are offensive to groups, do not ?flame?, ?troll.? or ?haze?.

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- Make your posts in the appropriate forum.
- Please use the Search function. If a relevant thread already exists, please post there instead of creating a new thread about the same topic. Duplicate threads will be closed to keep the forums orderly and easy to navigate.
- Keep off-topic posts in the off-topic forum.
- Don?t start discussions about games that are not ours.
- Do not cross-link to other message boards or websites unless approved by a moderator.

Rule 4: Respect the law
- Do not post anything illegal under U.S. law, or encourage other users to break the laws of the U.S. or their country of residence.
- Do not encourage users to break terms of service. This includes giving information about how to find scripts, exploits, or cheats, as well as arranging to buy or sell accounts or virtual goods.

Rule 5: Respect the audience
Think about who you're talking to. Users may be as young as 13 on these message boards, and may be male or female, and from countries across the globe.
- Keep your language civil. Profanity is frowned on.
- Do not post Adult Material, inappropriate graphic sexual content in any format, or links to sexually explicit sites.
- Do not post graphic images or explicit descriptions of violent acts.
- Do not use an avatar or signature that could offend other users. They have to look at it a lot.

Rule 6: Respect privacy
- Do not post any private emails or private messages unless you have the explicit permission of each person involved in the exchange.
- Do not post private communication between customer support, members, moderators, or administrators on these forums, or anywhere else. (This include support ticket responses)
- Do not post any information covered by a non-disclosure agreement or beta testing agreement. Even if you somehow have inside information about our competitors, for legal reasons we don?t want to hear it.
- Do not post Facebook information about other forum users.
- Do not post any private information about other users.
- Do not post in-game information in an attempt to have other players attack your target. Be careful to not cross the line into bullying.

Rule 7: Do not spam
- Do not post repeatedly about the same topic.
- Do not spam users on the forums or through private messages.
- Do not start a thread without actual purpose.
- Do not start a thread about a news story or article unless you make it clear what the story is about, and offer your own opinion to start a discussion.

Rule 8: Respect your account
- Do not share your account information with other individuals. You will be held responsible for any rules violations that occur under your account.
- Do not create new accounts or use other tricks to avoid suspensions or bans.
- Do not create ?sock puppet? accounts ? multiple accounts created just so that you can agree with yourself and make it seem like your ideas have more support than they do.
- Never include your e-mail address or any other personal information in posts.

Rule 9: Respect the Moderators
- Do not post using the color red. This color is reserved for moderators.
- Do not impersonate moderators. Do not claim to speak for the moderators.

Rule 10: Respect the decisions of the moderators
- The moderation teams reserves the right to warn, suspend, or permanently ban users judged to be acting against the spirit of the rules, even if the user is following the letter of the rules.
- Do not argue with moderators about moderator decisions. You can disagree with a moderator?s opinions, just like any other poster, but when they post moderator actions in red text, it is considered final.
- Moderators have no access to your game account. If you have an issue you must contact customer service.

Generally, BE NICE. There is nothing wrong with being nice to each other.
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Guide for Gold Production

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  • Guide for Gold Production

    Please read this before going on: If there is any thing that is directed to a certain player on the forums, that is because I posted this to reply to a topic in the wrong direction. Although this can help players, I decided to post this in General Discussion for a guide.

    A tip to start gold production is first to lower your tax percentage to 0%. You'll know later on why. Next you want to build around 3-4 cottages and raise them to the highest level they can. They can get to higher levels by raising your castle up. Once your buildings are done and upgraded, wait for your population to rise. Your happiness will raise, which will make lots of people come live in your city. Once you got it to the max (1hour of waiting or so) raise the tax to 100%. Do this for two hours. You'll earn 3k or more every time you do this.

    Another way is to research lot's of level 1 stuff. You'll earn 6k-7k depending on what you research. How do you earn the gold? From quests. Quest are a good way to get gold.

    Another way which is probably the way to get the most is to look for what people need the most. Spend 5 minutes saying "Trading resources for gold" and see what most players want the most. You could also see what people are trading gold for. If most people say stone, build lots of quarries and upgrade them to the highest level you can. Wait over night and you should get 8k or more per hour. You'll have around 100k or more stone over night. Find a loyal person in your alliance and trade him the stone for gold. You'll be able to earn a lot more by trading then the others.

    To trade you need to build a rally point and lots of supply troops. Once then, ask your alliance the coords for their city. Make sure you do the same for them. Click March troops to the coords listed, and then click transfer. Don't click attack. Select the amount of troops to send. (If you're trading 10k gold, select the troops enough for 12k). Then select how much stone you're going to trade to him. It's okay if it's 13,054 if you're trading 13k stone. It's hard to get it exact. If he doesn't give you back, report him.

    To get more resources for faster gold trading, upgrade your castle. If you're in beginners protection, refrain yourself from upgrading to level 5 castle, as people will attack you. Have a storehouse if people try to do that.

    Hope this helps, did the best I can.

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    Hello there - these are some valid suggestions. However farming other players is the most effective way to get gold as the storehouse does not protect gold. Remember that just sending supply troops/wagons does not get you gold - you need to send some fighting troops as well. Cheers
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      Originally posted by Nazgul_RingWraiths View Post
      Hello there - these are some valid suggestions. However farming other players is the most effective way to get gold as the storehouse does not protect gold. Remember that just sending supply troops/wagons does not get you gold - you need to send some fighting troops as well. Cheers
      Yeah but Farming troops is kind of rude. At least give the guy a break. Check the last time he has logged on if you can do that without being in his alliance. If he doesn't log on for awhile then I guess it is okay. Still kind of rude.
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        how can you tell when they were last online?


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          I think it's something only a chancellor can do in an alliance.
          codice sconto yoox