I tried the premium chance game with a new character with the free gems they give for making a kabam ID.

Found out that premium chance is locked until level 10 so it took awhile to qualify but here are the results of 125 gems that would cost around $12.50

box 1 fertile winds
box 2 200 swrd men
box 3 500 cavalry
box 4 200 cavalry
box 5 500 ballistae
box 6 500 swrd men
box 7 300 ballistae
box 8 200 cavalry
box 9 200 ballistae
box 1 again fertile winds
box 2 again 200 cavalry
box 3 again fertile winds
box 4 again 500 swrd men

13 chances and they all sucked. I am not sure what the chances are in this game but I think that is enough for me not to waste 10 gems on it when the promotion is over and glad I didn't waste $12.50 trying out the promotion.