I have been playing KoC since June 2012. When I registered my ID, I put it under this email address but realized that there was a typo in it and didn't think much of it as I wasn't planning on playing it on a different device but my phone. Then 2 days ago, my phone died on me and would not charge up again and couldn't get into KoC to get my Kabam ID. Now I have a replacement phone, and couldn't get into my game and domains which I have spent approximately $600-$700 on. Please help me get my ID and reset my password so I can play again. Here are done information about my ID. My name in the game is SilverDragon in Gawain25 and SilverDragon2 in percival45. I mainly play in Gawain25 world, I also play in Vortigern36, I think (Not sure about the number but definitely in Vortigern) and Percival45. My city names are DragonLair, PhoenixLair and GriffinLair in Gawain25, and DragonLair and PhoenixLair on both Vortigern and Percival. I'm at about 19 million might in Gawain25, 4 million might in percival and about 8 million might in Vortigern36. My alliance in Gawain25 is The Blacklist, in Percival45 is BlackOpsKnight and NATO in Vortigern36.