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Restore The Infinite Speed Drop Rate

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  • Restore The Infinite Speed Drop Rate

    At some point, I believe during season 8, Gaea dramatically reduced the drop rates of infinity speeds in campaign. Gaea apparently noticed that many players rely heavily on infinity speeds to train troops, especially (but not solely) during training competitions. "If," Gaea reasoned, "we would not make the latest gear, hammers, jewels or hero medals plentiful and cheap, why would we do so for an item that can instantly complete a task that would otherwise take weeks or months? This is a premium item! Let us make it rare and force players to gem for it!"

    Like the Tangerine One's positions on trade and immigration, Gaea's position on infinities is bad economics. Gear, hammers, jewels and heroes have lasting value, they exist on a largely-linear path of ever-increasing power, and they are necessary for success in the fundamental aspects of the game. Even if (as is often the case) Gaea quickly introduces a new item more powerful than the one you just bought, you can be confident that your item is not obsolete and will not be for a long time. You can have a powerful attack and defense with second- or third-best gear, hammers and jewels and less than fully elevated and optimized heroes. The quicker that Gaea releases new items in these categories, the less pressure any of us feels to rush to acquire them. (I get good ratios attacking with several knights that have no crux or season 8 gear, none forged to levels 17 or 18, and with level 13 or lower jewels. My defense knight also has no level 18 gear and mostly level 13 jewels, yet it holds up well against the best attack knights in 128, even when they are fully buffed with heroes marching.)

    Infinite speeds are simply not "premium" in any similar sense. The value of a single, sped training is minute. Against a powerful, skilled opponent in past seasons, I regularly used upwards of 50 infinite speeds in a single flash training competition. Nor are infinite speeds required as part of any necessary strategy. When they were plentiful and cheap, serious, skilled trainers built training cities with mostly cottages and a very small number of barracks, which were highly efficient but required large quantities of infinite speeds to use. (My training city requires 52 days to train a full squad of t2.) Now that they are rare, I am certainly not going to gem for the abundance of infinites needed to sustain that training strategy. Instead, I've mostly given up training competitions. If I ever competed again under these conditions, I'd stomp and rebuild one or more cities such that I could rely on shorter speeds.

    So, rather than successfully squeeze the players for more money, Gaea has only succeeded in diminishing one of the most highly-rewarding aspects of the game -- training competitions -- which require more skill than might or kill competitions, are not as dependent on gemming, and are largely impervious to cheating. (I still look back on the final flash training competition of season 5, in which I and another player trained nonstop for four hours and finished neck-and-neck, each with over 350 million in might, as the single most fun, heart-pounding experience I've ever had in the game.) App games have relatively short shelf lives, and players such as myself who have been playing for several years are becoming increasingly bored. Gaea needs to be focusing on new, inventive features to keep us interested. Instead it is taking big steps backwards by reducing the enjoyment of the game's best existing features (the other being grail wars).

    So, stop being stubborn, Gaea, and restore the old drop rate of infinite speeds. You're in a competitive business, and customer satisfaction matters. This customer is very dissatisfied with the lack of infinite speeds.


    Last edited by Lohengrin; 01-28-2017, 10:44 PM.

  • #2
    More activity equals more spending

    Easy math for Gaea. When you reduce drop rates in campaign that non spenders rely on in order to stay competitive you widen the gap between spenders and non spenders. With that reduction in competition everyone gets bored and spends time away from the game.

    The single best thing that was created recently was grail wars. Which with strong competition brings activity and desire to play the game actively.

    Which leads me to infinite speeds. To be competitive in grail wars huge armies of high level troops are the going cost. Filling the hospital with no way to heal the troops will lead to less players willing to lose the might and troops associated with grail wars.

    Bring back infinites for all the training reasons already stated. Bring back infinites for healing so grail wars maintains its draw for players.

    These players are the lifeblood to your profits. Don't alienate them further by eliminating their reasons for playing.

    To Gaea: Please increase infinite drop rates.
    To my fellow players: Please voice your reasons for getting infinites back, I'm sure there are many more that want them returned than have currently written.



    • #3
      I agree with Lohengrin that Infinite Speeds are necessary in the game as it is today, and hope that Gaea will make them easier to obtain again, as they always have been in the past.

      We don't use infinite speeds for research or building or anything like that. Most of us finished research and building years ago... but infinites In large quantities have been an integral part of our game play for years, primarily for trainathons.

      Infinites were readily available for years. Kabam regularly ran alliance ToM with 25 infinites as the top prize. When Campaign Chapter 5 came out, infinites were easy to get in campaign, and the comps for them stopped. Because they were so easy to obtain in large quantities, many years ago, players developed a city construction plan that allowed us to produce a lot of troops with the use of Inifinite Speeds. All serious trainers have cities built in this manner, and it's not practical to ask us to go back and rebuild our cities.

      With the shortage of infinites, I did rebuild one city to be able to compete in trainathons using multiple 8-hour speeds instead of 1 infinite for each queue. There are a number of issues that make this solution not a great one though:
      * Not all players have enough crystals to rebuild their cities. So many players - especially smaller, or newer players, and those who don't gem - don't have this as an option. This effectively shuts them out of competing in TaTs
      * It takes a lot more time to train large amounts of might with this city. My queues only have 2.2 million might each compared to 3.5 million might each in my city that uses infinit?s. That means I need to train a lot more queues, which takes time.
      * It takes a lot more time to speed each queue in a comp where speed really matters. Each queue requires 5 speeds rather than 1, and I have to speed more of them. That may not sound like a big deal, but in a competitive TaT, the last few minutes are key and every second counts as players race to complete queues and edge out opponents. So having to use more speeds and more queue slows players down at the time speed matters most.
      * This approach requires more items in general since it requires more queues for the same amount of might. This means more Arthur's conscripts, more cyclones, more speeds, and more stamina to acquire these things since they're only really available in campaign.

      You may look at this and say, oh, players need more items? Great! That means they'll spend more.

      Here's the thing though... that's not what is happening.

      Instead, some players who used to be top in TaTs aren't bothering to compete in them at all. Others (like me) are still competing but not bothering to aim high. My speeds and stamina are worth more to me than the vast majority of TaT prizes.

      We've noticed you've included infinites in mini games and purchase offers, presumably in response to repeated requests to make infinites more available again. I understand this approach. You see the fact that we want more infinites as an opportunity to get us to pay for them.

      Here's the problem with that. When we use infinites in trainathons, we use them in large quantities. Lohengrin mentioned using 50 infinites per might comp. I'm sure the comp that ended with the top 2 players training more than 350m might, they each used 100 infinites. Few players compete at Lohengrin's level. But even more modest competitors regularly used to use 10 or 20 or more infinites in a single comp.

      Yet mini games mostly pay out 1 in the top prize. A few pay out 3-5 (which usually means 3). That means buying infinites through playing mini games is prohibitively expensive. You're not giving them out in the quantities which we need for them to be useful.

      In addition, not ALL players even want infinites. Many never train, so have hundreds of infinites sitting unused in their inventories. This makes the mini games less attractive to them, since one of the "premium" prizes is something they don't need and won't use.

      So the result is fewer players participating or competing hard in trainathons.

      And the result is players feeling angry and frustrated that you've made something that used to be so easy to get so very difficult to get now, without any purpose we can understand.

      And the result is some players who don't want infinites feeling frustrated that they have replaced items they do want in mini games.

      The alliance TK event for infinites yesterday was a nice addition. Thank you.

      Now please listen to our request and our explanation for why we need infinites more easily available in larger quantities and do three things:
      1. Improve the drop rates on infinites in campaign chapter 5 again. This way people who want them can use our stamina to get them, and those who don't can use stamina for something they do want.
      2. Run alliance events for large quantities of infinites more often.
      3. Take infinites out of the rotation as premium items in mini games and replace them with items all players need instead.

      Thank you for your consideration.

      Morganna from Tristan 130
      Last edited by Morganna; 01-29-2017, 10:30 PM.


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        Infinite speeds in campaign

        I am Sugar in 127. Just want to join in the request for increased drop rates in the campaign for infinity speeds. Actually the drop rate on everything has recently dropped to a horrible ratio making the campaign all but obsolete. Those of us who have been playing for years count on the campaign for speeds. I'm not going to purchase them. Not at the rate I use them. And I doubt that anyone is. Please restore the drop rate in general to the level it was a few months ago. You aren't going to make money off lowering rates. You are just going to have loyal customers leave the game, and many of those are ones who spend to get good gear etc.


        • #5
          Just adding my voice here. Infinities are crucial to this game as Lohen already pointed out. Depriving us of this item will only add to the game's death. Think of it Gaea. No infinities means no healing. No healing for many means no tk. No tk means you out of competition which in turn ends up we know how - player leaves the game.
          Same goes for every other 'big speed' - 15hours, 3days, 7 days. WE NEED THEM! In madness, wheel, comps but mostly in campaign as it was before with normal drop rates!
          I think I have enough speeds to last me till June or July. If nothing changes I'll be another player leaving this game. Only because lack of speeds.
          Jopp. 129


          • #6

            Lohengrin and the rest all hit the nail on the head. Having infiniates so hard to get now and made a "premium item" is ridiculous and you won't see players paying for them, that much I guarantee. They will do exactly what has already been pointed out, not compete In TaT's. I started in 130 last April and do not even try to compete much in TaT's. For those like me, starting out and needing to salvage stamina for camp for other much needed items. When it takes 3x stamina per hit, and take usually 10-15 full bottles to get 2-4 infinites, it's simply not worth it or economical.
            If you are looking at increasing revenue, why not listen to your players and do a nice troop madness where people can restock they t3 and other much needed troops vs the chaotic madness you have now that's stocked so full of garbage and mostly T2 troops and very little boxed troops. That would get people spending, not for infinites, that's just a slap in the face.
            Please increase the Infinite drop rates and other much needed speeds needed to keep the game flowing before we lose more people.
            Thank You
            Malice from 116 & 130


            • #7
              Completely agree

              Bring the drop rates back... nuff said!


              • #8
                Pls restore drop rates of infinites!

                Gaea, during the last months you did a grest job with the events. We players see that you try your best to keep the game interesting. Many thanks for that. However - reducing the drop rate of the infinite speed was a bad decision for several reasons (as pointed out in the posts before). So i kindly ask you to come back to that decision and restore the drop rate as it was before. It would also be much appreciated if you make iron skin available in normal campaign with a reasonsble drop rate. And last but not least: we are running out of stamina potions, so if you could make them availanle again would be a great thing . Cheers, Quickfinger 134


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                  Official KoC

                  I have to agree with my fellow players, drop rates are crazy low. Very discouraging using 15 stamina refills for 4 spd ups. I don't see this helping our in-game experience doing quite the opposite I'd say.


                  • #10
                    Infinite Speeds

                    You made them so plentiful saw they were valuable then took them away now make them a pay to get item shame. Go back to before not like you haven't heard that before.
                    Boomerz From 126, 125, 143, and 116


                    • #11
                      Absolutely crazy

                      Drop rates for infinite speeds are getting even worse!!!! Today drop rates for infinite speeds was ludicrous! It took 8 bottles of stamina before an infinite dropped! Please fix the drop rates! I agree 100% with what everyone else has said. We need the speeds. Please start listening to your players before MORE people leave.


                      • #12
                        3 day speeds are not dropping either none in 2 weeks hiting every day


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                          Put 7 day speeds back in roundtower

                          Not only are infinite and 7 day speeds nearly impossible to get in campaign, but now you've removed the 7 day speeds from the quests tab of the events section of the roundtower. It used to cost 10 quest badges to get a 7 day speed - why did you take them away? This is getting beyond ridiculous! Do you not realize we need speeds in order to play?