A lot of things can be said. For myself: I didn't have as much fun as in purgentory.
Inferno was mainly a world for the big gemmers and not for the other players.

* no alli events for trophies

* you introduced too much gear and the non-gemmers were only able to get pieces long after the introduction to gemmers
* might events in stead of train events for trophies -> this way people could just heal troops to win. Train events is more fun
* again the creation of alt accounts
* playing actively in this world is VERY TIMECONSUMING. If you see the lousy prices you win for playing so actively....
* rules changes during the event: You put online documents with the rules and a schedule, but you didn't follow these rules:
* No 3th city after 2th week (we need to wait another 2,5 days)
* We didn't receive the 4th city
* today we should have trophies events -> they suddenly added a grailwars-break

Next time I will not play in this special world anymore. I think you let a lot of players down this time. You should stop forcing your stupid ideas to us and start listening to your players!