I play open with a pretty geared defense knight set as marshal. But I was looking at the custodian that increased attack and life of the wall defense.
This got me thinking how great it would be to train wall defense and have both a marshal and a custodian assigned. I've never used custodian but I would assume the knight you would assign there would be defense geared based like your marshal.
But then I reached a road block when I remembered this is my troop city I leave open and so I cannot train wall defense because I cannot have food there.
If Kabam simply made wall units use no food to build I think this would all work nicely and make wall defense a great asset with a good custodian. Besides wall defense shouldn't need food they are not troops, they are wall traps etc.
sorry if anything Ives said here is incorrect it's something I haven't done since I returned to the game, pardon my ignorance.
Also this might help a little bit with all these un marshalled zeros. If somehow you don't gave your marshal set but you have maxed out walls your custodian will at least protect you until you wall defense is zero.
What do others think?