One jump ahead of the lawmen!

Thieves have thwarted the lawmen of the land, escaping into the wilderness with keys to the great vaults of Camelot! The Grand Exchequer is offering rewards to those who return the keys to the King!

The Coffer’s, Merchant’s, Treasurer’s Keys, and Sealed Safes can be found throughout Camelot for a limited time. Collect these items to trade in at the Round Tower for grand prizes!

1. The event will run from 01/29 19:00 UTC to 02/09 20:00 UTC. *Times are subject to change.
2. Tournaments throughout the event will reward keys and safes so be sure to visit the Event Center!
3. Any excess event Keys will be removed from player inventories after the Round Tower event ends, so be sure to spend them all while the trade-in is available. A small reward will be placed inside Sealed Safes after the event is over for those who were unable to collect the keys needed to unlock the chest within the Round Tower.
4. Only available to the Worlds: 126,127,128,129,130,131,132,141

What to Collect:

  • Treasurer's Key
  • Merchant's Key
  • Coffer's Key
  • Sealed Safe

Collect keys and one Sealed Safe than trade them in the Round Tower to redeem for prizes!

Round Tower Prizes: