Arthur's Winter Revival

Greetings Bravest of Knights,

It is Wintertime in Camelot, but the unforgiving sun has emerged unexpectedly and melted away nearly all of the snow. Unfortunately, this Northern snow is a key ingredient in one of Merlin's magical elixirs!

Arthur needs your help in recovering the Essence of Winter - otherwise, Merlin will be unable to heal the King's wounded soldiers. Bring 175 Essence of Winter vials to the Round Tower and you will receive one of the brand-new Winter Avatars! You will have a choice between the Winter Warrior and Arctic Queen avatars (pictured below).

Event Rules

- Arthur's Winter Revival will run from 1/10 14:00 UTC to 1/18 02:00 UTC. *Times are subject to change

- Players must collect 175 Essence of Winter vials to receive a Winter Avatar at the Round Tower.

- The claim limit is 1 for EACH of the Winter Avatars.

- Essence of Winter will not be sold. It can only be won by placing in tournaments.

- The contest is only available to the US Worlds 116 & 117.