Hear ye, hear ye,

Battle for the North: The Winter War is here!

A storm is brewing in the North, cold enough to crack bones and turn dragon flames into ice sculptures.
Camelot's fiercest warriors are sharpening their blades and stringing their bows in preparation for the Winter War -- Arthur's ultimate test to see who is worthy of the Northern Crown.

Brave knights, the time has come to rally your finest troops and ward off your frigid-hearted foes, but one question still remains:
Can you withstand the chill?

Battle for the North measures players’ overall achievements through the collection of Camelot Medals by participating in events that are held over a span of two weeks.

1. The tournament will run from 12/19 18:00 UTC to 1/02 18:00 UTC. *Times are subject to change.
2. The tournament schedule is posted below. Events may change and surprise flash events may appear over the course of the next week.

3. Camelot Medals aren't items for redemption, they are only used for determining participants ranking scores. These items will expire and disappear from player inventories after the Battle for the North concludes and all of the prizes have been paid out.
4. Camelot Medals will not be sold. The only way to win these items will be through placing in tournaments.
5. Camelot Medal counts will be audited throughout the competition to maintain legitimacy within the ranks. In the event that a player takes advantage of any bugs that may appear in the future to skew their placement, action will be taken against the account.
6. The contest is only available to the US World 133

Participants will be ranked by Classifications based on how many Camelot Medals they obtain. Each of these Classification categories will have a set amount of players who can be placed within the category.

For example: Only 49 players can place in the Gem Classification therefore players ranked 2-50 based on Medal count will be in the Gem category.

Be aware that if you are towards the bottom of a Classification, there is a possibility that another player can gain more medals and move you to the Classification below. This is a Tournament of who’s the Champion of the North after all!

Classifications & Prizes:

Chat Badges:
Chat Badges are icons that appear next to your name in game chat that signify a player's classification after the competition ends. Please be aware that they are not permanent and will expire if new winners are crowned.


*Events may change and surprise flash events may appear over the course of the next week.

Winter War Gear:

Winter Gear Stats (Gear will be named after Top 5 players):

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