Here ye, here ye! The Camelot's Mightiest Champion: Season 1 is coming!

‘Tis the time we test thy strength and hold a contest to find the greatest Lord or Lady in all of Camelot. Dost thou have what it takes to be the greatest Champion in all of Camelot?
Fare thee well and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Welcome to the largest tournament Camelot has ever seen. In these next three weeks, we will find out who the strongest warrior in the realm is. By participating in tournaments, you will win trophies. The player with the most trophies at the end of Season 1 will win 16,000 World Gems and more! The top 200 players in the entire game will win prizes. A complete detailed list of prizes will be announced soon!

Below are the rules and the scheduled of the Season 1!

1. Trophies WILL NOT be sold. The only way to win them will be through tournaments.
2. The tournament will run from 6/9 18:00 UTC to 7/1 07:00 UTC/00:00 PST (times subject to change)
3. The tournament schedule is posted below. Events may change over the course of the next three weeks.
4. Everyone who earns a trophy will receive a prize! Click here for more details.

Grand Prize:
16,000 World Gems, Gear named after them and more!

Click here for more prize details!

Event Schedule:
(events subject to change)