1)Please can you run some Train a Thons for Enid, Laudine and Tristan, you've battered Griflet to death and he's about as much use as a chocolate teapot...Or...Just run more of the Random AFO's.

2) I don't mind the Quinary war chest (as dull and boring as it is), and I really quite like the Dynamic Duo chest...but that's all we get!!! Please can we mix up the troop chests a bit? Sling in some "March to","Tread to" or whatever chests just to make the troop events a bit more entertaining.

3) The event that has the 4 x Chaos chests as top prize really has passed it's "sell by" date now...Shackle up some random chests that contain a reasonable chance of winning some Corrupter, Firestorm, Chivalry, S4 and Pendragon Armour.....You can use AC's, Ports etc as the secondary prize but if theres a decent chance of winning some top gear I'm sure more folks will participate. When I see Chaos/S3/S2 chests.....I just don't bother.

4) Have we got anywhere with Alliance Train a Thons Yet.....This has been requested several times over the last few years, and I'm sure it would be a success...Would it really be that difficult to implement?

5) Can we get a chest that contains Total Master Hammer level 4's....A lot of players can't even start to level up gear let alone complete to the top level. The lack of low level hammers is strangling the game. Everyones got MH 5's, 6's and 7's but nothing below........Would you buy a ladder with the first 4 rungs missing?

6) Best to follow TaT's with TK's

Happy days