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The Alliance Tournament of Might worlds 1 to 20 (En-Fr-De-Es-It)

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  • The Alliance Tournament of Might worlds 1 to 20 (En-Fr-De-Es-It)

    The Tournament of Might Winners - Evènement Tournoi de puissance Les gagnants de l'évènement - Macht Turnier Gewinner - El Torneo del Poder ganadores del concurso - Vincitori del Torneo del Potere

    #1 Alliance - One 8h Speedup to all members
    #2 Alliance - One 2.5h Speedup to all members
    #3 Alliance - One 1h Speedup to all members

    Lancelot 1
    1. The Avengers - Positive Increase in Might 84,270,653
    2. The Uprising - Positive Increase in Might 75,740,700
    3. Hells angels - Positive Increase
    in Might 64,881,557

    1. SDMF - Positive Increase in Might 339,093,726

    2. Assasins Creed - Positive Increase in Might 132,156,155
    3. _Anarchy_ - Positive Increase in Might 79,128,499

    1. The Expendables Positive Increase in Might 131,117,695

    2. sereno - Positive Increase in Might 64,904,090
    3. Knights of Kukident - Positive Increase in Might 58,732,198

    1. AGORA - Positive Increase in Might 296,354,885
    2. La Guardia Noche - Positive Increase in Might 72,750,242
    3. Inmortales - Positive Increase in Might 47,997,363

    1. Spartans - Positive Increase in Might 123,431,168

    2. Gd conseil jedi - Positive Increase in Might 79,627,330
    3. AFFRANCHIS - Positive Increase in Might 77,400,614

    1. GOLEM - Positive Increase in Might 249,922,310
    2. _GODS OF WAR 2_ - Positive Increase in Might 200,246,733
    3. Cuori ribelli - Positive Increase in Might 80,688,057

    1. Level 180 - Positive Increase in Might 249,112,139
    2. BluFalcons - Positive Increase in Might 77,056,627
    3. Ghostly OtherZ - Positive Increase in Might 59,519,144

    1. CareBears - Positive Increase in Might 152,010,497

    2. Valiant - Positive Increase in Might 92,511,463
    3. A Family Of One - Positive Increase in Might 51,222,992

    1. The Outlaws - Positive Increase in Might 161,696,928

    2. 212 - Positive Increase in Might 76,539,628
    3. Invictus - Positive Increase in Might 56,368,296

    1. Icy Strong_Hold - Positive Increase in Might 249,556,786

    2. Fire EMS LEOs - Positive Increase in Might 182,633,116
    3. The Spartans - Positive Increase in Might 115,080,073

    1. Domini Bellum - Positive Increase in Might 149,738,675

    2. SAMCRO NOMADS - Positive Increase in Might 149,363,662
    3. reVolution - Positive Increase in Might 146,929,773

    1. Loyal Legends - Positive Increase in Might 118,454,589
    2. Low Places - Positive Increase in Might 62,575,842
    3. Hades - Positive Increase in Might 44,304,005

    1. Notorious Gods - Positive Increase in Might 146,783,318
    2. Southern warriors - Positive Increase in Might 101,842,630
    3. Knights of Mayhem - Positive Increase in Might 93,549,039

    1. Highlanders II - Positive Increase in Might 172,729,723

    2. Les Trentenaires - Positive Increase in Might 132,078,231
    3. Apis Malefica - Positive Increase in Might 112,138,345

    1. GLI STERMINATORI - Positive Increase in Might 213,289,285

    2. SOL INVICTUS - Positive Increase in Might 159,218,302
    3. I CavApocalisse - Positive Increase in Might 132,049,360

    1. JERKassic Park - Positive Increase in Might 390,522,039

    2. SNS - Positive Increase in Might 115,534,520
    3. Creed of Assassins - Positive Increase in Might 110,346,650

    1. KASA SPHINX- Positive Increase in Might 209,268,622
    2. Royal phoenix- Positive Increase in Might 151,409,653
    3. Invictus - Positive Increase in Might 145,819,848

    1. Paradox - Positive Increase in Might 127,961,468
    2. Knights Templar - Positive Increase in Might 109,065,334
    3. HK Elite - Positive Increase in Might 78,691,972

    1. TAFELRUNDE I - Positive Increase in Might 84,759,786

    2. Angsthasen - Positive Increase in Might 71,680,955
    3. Eiserner Orden - Positive Increase in Might 63,843,336

    1. los tablones - Positive Increase in Might 295,130,198
    2. Novatos - Positive Increase in Might 208,968,700
    3. 46664 - Positive Increase in Might 70,549,093

  • #2

    Mighty Knight,
    Do you think that your Alliance is the most powerful in all of Camelot Northern Territories? Prove it!
    Join our Alliance Tournament of Might and compete for great prizes. Teamwork is key as the contribution of all Alliance Members will be needed if you hope to stand a chance!
    Increase your Alliance Might by training Troops, Wall Defenses and recruiting New Members: More Members, More Might, better chances to win!

    Alliances must have min 10 Members by the end of the tournament to be eligible to win the following prizes:
    #1 Alliance - One 8h Speedup to all members
    #2 Alliance - One 2.5h Speedup to all members
    #3 Alliance - One 1h Speedup to all members

    The 3 Alliances with the greatest positive increase in Might will win!

    The Tournament Starts Friday October 5th at 12pm US Pacific Time (19.00 Camelot’s Time) and ends Monday October 8th at 12pm US Pacific Time (19.00 Camelot’s Time). No entry necessary, all players of this World will be eligible.
    Prizes will be awarded and winners announced on Tuesday October 9th!

    Good Luck!

    "Tournoi de Puissance d'Alliance

    Cher Chevalier,
    Tu penses que ton Alliance est la plus puissante de tous les Territoires Nord de Camelot? Prouve-le!

    Joins-toi à notre Tournoi de puissance d'Alliance, et entre dans la compétition pour gagner de grands prix. Le travail d'équipe est la clé de la réussite pour tous les membres d'Alliance si tu espères avoir une chance!

    Augmente la puissance de ton Alliance en entraînant des troupes, tes défenses de Mur et en recrutant de nouveaux membres: Plus de Membres, Plus de Puissance égal plus de chances de gagner!

    Les Alliances doivent comporter au moins 10 Membres avant la fin du Tournoi pour être éligibles et avoir une chance de gagner les prix suivants:

    #1 Alliance - 1 Accélération de 8h pour chaque membre
    #2 Alliance - 1 Accélération de 2,5h pour chaque membre
    #3 Alliance - 1 Accélération d'1h pour chaque membre

    Les 3 Alliances ayant la plus forte progression en Puissance seront déclarés gagnants!

    Le Tournoi commence aujourd'hui, vendredi 5 octobre à 21:00 (12pm US Pacific Time) et s'achève lundi 8 octobre à 21:00 (12pm US Pacific Time). Aucune inscription nécessaire. Tous les joueurs sont éligibles.

    Remise des prix et annonce des gagnants dès le 9 octobre!

    Bonne chance!"

    Allianzen Machtturnier

    Edler Ritter!

    Meinst du, dass deine Allianz die mächtigste in Camelots Norden ist? Dann beweise es!

    Mach bei unserem Allianzen-Machttournier mit, für die Chance, tolle Preise zu gewinnen!

    Teamwork ist hier der Schlüssel zum Erfolg, da alle Allianz-Mitglieder ihren Beitrag leisten müssen, wenn ihr Siegreich sein wollt!

    Erhöhe durch Truppen-Training, Mauerverteidigungen und die Rekrutierung neuer Allianzmitglieder die Macht deiner Allianz. Mehr Mitglieder, mehr Macht,
    Bessere Gewinnchancen!

    Allianzen müssen bis zum Ende des Turniers mindestens 10 Mitglieder haben, um sich für folgende Preise zu qualifizieren:

    Erste Allianz – Eine 8 Std. Beschleuniger für jedes Mitglied
    Zweite Allianz – Einen 2,5 Std. Beschleuniger für jedes Mitglied
    Dritte Allianz – einen 1 Std. Beschleuniger für jedes Mitglied

    Die drei Allianzen mit dem größten Machtzuwachs werden gewinnen!

    Das Turnier beginnt am Freitag, den 5. Oktober um 21:00 Uhr und endet am Montag, den 8. Oktober, um 21:00 Uhr. Alle Spieler in diesem Gebiet nehmen automatisch am Turnier teil.

    Die Gewinner werden ab dem 9. Oktober bekannt gegeben und erhalten ihre Preise!
    Viel Glück!


    • #3
      "Torneo del Poder entre alianzas

      Noble caballero:
      ¿Es tu alianza la más poderosa de todos los territorios del norte de Camelot? ¡Demuéstralo!

      Participa en el Torneo del Poder y compite por nuestros fabulosos premios. La unión hace la fuerza. Solo si os coordináis podréis ganar el Torneo.

      Aumenta el poder de la alianza entrenando tropas, defensas del muro y enrolando a nuevos miembros: ¡cuantos más miembros, más poder y más oportunidades de ganar!

      Solo aquellas alianzas que al final del Torneo cuenten con 10 miembros tendrán la oportunidad de ganar uno de los siguientes premios:

      Alianza nº1: un acelerador de 8 horas para todos los miembros
      Alianza nº2: un acelerador de 2,5 horas para todos los miembros
      Alianza nº3: un acelerador de 1 hora para todos los miembros

      Las 3 alianzas que presenten un mayor aumento de poder serán las ganadoras.

      El Torneo dará comienzo hoy viernes 5 de octubre a las 12.00 pm PST y durará hasta el lunes 8 de octubre a las 12.00 pm PST. Todos los jugadores de este mundo pueden participar.

      Entregaremos los premios y anunciaremos los ganadores el martes 9 de octubre.

      ¡Buena suerte!"

      Torneo del Potere per Alleanze
      Valoroso Cavaliere,

      credi che la Tua Alleanza sia la più potente di tutti i territori del Nord? Provalo!

      Al nostro Torneo del Potere per Alleanze e sfida il nemico per ricevere favolosi premi. Il lavoro di squadra e’ la chiave del successo, l’aiuto di tutti i Membri dell’Alleanza sarà necessario se vorrai vincere!

      Aumenta il Potere della tua Alleanza addestrando truppe, difese delle mura e reclutando Nuovi Membri: più Membri, più Potere, maggiori chance di vittoria!

      Le Alleanze dovranno avere almeno 10 Membri alla fine del Torneo per poter vincere i seguenti Premi:

      I Alleanza – 1 Acceleratore da 8 ore a tutti i Membri
      II Alleanza - 1 Acceleratore da 2.5 ore a tutti i Membri
      III Alleanza - 1 Acceleratore da 1 ora a tutti i Membri

      Le 3 Alleanze con il maggiore aumento di Potere vinceranno!

      Il Torneo inizierà alle 21:00 del 5 Ottobre (12:00 fuso Orario Pacifico) e si concluderà alle 21:00 del 8 Ottobre (12:00 Fuso Orario Pacifico). Non sarà necessario iscriversi al Torneo, tutti i giocatori di questo Mondo possono partecipare!

      I premi saranno accreditati ed i vincitori annunciati il 9 ottobre (12:00 Fuso Orario Pacifico)!
      Buona Fortuna!