Lords and Ladies of Camelot’s Northern Territories,

The "Level 8-9-10 Build-a-Thon" event is now over and we'd like to extend a big thank you to everyone who participated!

The 30 Winners have been notified via in-game mail and the Free Gems have been granted!

The 1st Prize of 1,000 Gems for the “Level 10 Building” goes to:
- Moat
- Jetmacjim
- Blarn
- Moat
- CityOfPeril
- Patropolis
- peasblossom
- Scooterstick

The 2nd Prize of 500 Gems for the “Level 9 Building” goes to:
- tac
- BeefCurtains
- Raizel
- Braiside
- P3RC1V4L
- Rahl
- Blacklight
- LisaOfTheNorth
- SunScream
- timmy619

The 3rd Prize of 250 Gems for the “Level 8 Building” goes to:

- Briina
- ShanXZ
- DaPop
- RogerLeSaint
- Ripper
- RogueArcadian
- InstaGator
- CaberNeo
- Loz
- Ensui

Congratulations to the Winners and thank you for playing!


Mighty Knights,

King Arthur has commissioned a Build-a-Thon to strengthen the Northern Territories of Camelot! Start any Level 8-9-10 building upgrade during the event period to
be entered for a chance to win Gems!

Each level has a different prize, and there’s no limit to how many times you can enter. There will be TEN randomly-selected winners for each level:

The Level 8 building winners will earn 250 Gems
The Level 9 building winners will earn 500 Gems
The Level 10 building winners will earn 1,000 Gems

Event Period: Monday, October 1st, 12:00PM US Pacific Time (19:00 Camelot’s Time) to Thursday, October 4th 12:00PM US Pacific Time (19:00 Camelot’s Time)

We’ll grant Prizes and announce the Winners within Friday, October 5th!

Good luck!