I am one of the players that finished season 2 in the top 20. I haven't recieved my prize yet. There are players in my alliance that didn't even compete properly in the season comp that are now the proud owners of 15 lvl 10 master hammers, all the season 2 gear, new hero and 1000's of gems.
Now it's obvious that Kabam have paid out the wrong prizes to the wrong people...... So what are Kabam going to do about it? Obviously said players have used the hammers and gems already (fair enough) so Kabam can't take them back.... But I have slaved weeks and spent heaps to finish where I have and to recieve the same prize as someone who's done nothing is an insult. What are Kabam going to do about it?? I'm not asking Kabam to take away anything from anyone. You've messed up now deal with it. As a "winning" competitor in YOUR comp, I now want Kabam to show me that they actually appriciate the money and time I pumped into them. To grant me with the same prize that they have mistakenly given out to 25% of the server is an insult.... What will you do?