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? ? ? Cupid in Camelot - Tell us your Heartwarming Story! ? ? ?

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  • ? ? ? Cupid in Camelot - Tell us your Heartwarming Story! ? ? ?

    Do you have an heartfelt story from playing Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North? Have you found love on the battlefield, reconnected with an old friend, or met a new best friend in your Alliance? Post it here and you could win a Gems and be featured on our Fan Page!

    Here's how to enter:

    1. Post your heartwarming story in reply to this thread
    2. Include your player name and world number at the bottom of your post.
    3. Feel free to add any pictures of you and your friend(s) that add to your story!

    Official Rules:

    Last day to enter is February 15th 12AM PST. Late entries will not be considered.
    5 entries will be picked and featured on the Forums
    Prizes will be awarded by the 19th of February.
    Your story should be posted in reply to the official contest thread. No other ways of submitting your entry will be accepted.
    One entry per person.
    All links and off topic comments will be deleted from the thread.


    5 players will be selected to receive 1,600 Gems!

    Good Luck!

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    Life changing

    I've met alot of fantastic people through this game, I had no idea how much fun chatting with others could be. I have also a very special person who I hope to become even closer ?. I am still amazed how much fun and interesting this game is, thank you kabam, you have changed my life.


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      Awesome response! Remember to leave your username and world number for prize considerations!


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        To the staff of KOC

        World: Pendragon16
        Username: Dont_tryit_Mate

        Well to start thing's off I enjoy the game and love what you have done with it but enough with that to the story we go.
        I am the oldest of three brothers and we all never see eye to eye and we continue to fight every day and we never got along.
        I always thought if I give them there space we would never fight but we always found a way to get around that till one day I wanted to do something with them and forget about the past so ask told them about the game and said if you like to play the game join my world if not I understand and left it at that.
        So the nexted day one of my brothers joined the game sent me a message and me not knowing who it was asked me how do you play so at that moment I knew it had to be one of my brother's so I did not want to ask instead I told how to and we started to connect the nexted morning he came up to me saying sorry for everything and not being as much as a brother should be and I told him no matter what happens you will always be my brother and I will always be there for you and to this day we have not said ine negative thing to each other and everything is what we both wanted.
        I hope I could be part of this Valentine's gems but as long as my brother and I stay together I dont mind coming last.

        GOD BLESS
        And happy Valentine's


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          my story BlackL

          I found this game by it being sent to me by a realative we played and played but he always got bored of it so he said he was going to quit so he did .after all that i was on my own moving from allience to allience but then found one that has given me friends and friendship and a leader that i have gotten close to i will never leave them behind the name is BlackL the world is Mordred 70 and this is my story how kingdoms of camelot has changed my life and loved it .


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            Antz4Fuzz fell in love in KoC

            I met my someone special during the summer of 2012, she was the Queen of Aces named Angelicafuzz & without my knowing, she was to become the Queen of my heart. I was a mere young Knight named Antz of the alliance Golden Shower, living in Kent, England working as a Butcher & climbing the ranks in Bedivere23, while Angelicafuzz was living in Northern Ireland.

            It started as a bit of banter in GC, then one night for some reason unknown to me, I sent her a drunken love letter !! She answered saying it was very sweet then messaged my Chancy asking if I was a sandwich short of a picnic, Pollmanz1000 reassured her that I was stable.

            Angelicafuzz & I chatted constantly right up to Christmas where we lost touch because of my work duties then started talking again in January of 2013. As things progressed quickly, after talking constantly on the phone (our record being 9.5 hours) we first met in March & it was love at first sight !! We moved in together in May, engaged in June & now we are getting Married next year exactly 2 years after we met. We even have a puppy named Ace after the alliance !!

            If there is any way of you getting those first few letters we sent each other, that would be amazing !! I would like to take this note to thank Kabam for not only finding me my best friend but my Soulmate & Wife To Be (:



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              My Story.

              About 2 months ago, I was online, playing like any other day. Upgrading buildings, training troops and attacking pict camps to get my 3rd city. I was getting bored, so like I always do, I went on to global chat. I was talking to some people, and someone comes on. I always use the same username, fir everything, and if anyone has ever known me, they would know that. Now, about 5 years before this I said good-bye for what I thought would be the last time I ever saw a very special friend on the last day of high school. She was going to live in China, and I'm over here in Canada. We were dating for about 2 years before that, and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. The reason I couldn't contact here was because she was going to be in a extremely poor community, so there was no chance of phones. I cried for hours every day, for weeks. I loved her. But here I am, on global chat, and someone comes on. I don't remember the username, but for some reason I recognized it. I asked them if they have ever been to Calgary, where I went to high school. They replied saying that they grew up there! I asked of they had a boy friekd naked Jakob. They replied yes, and she left him to go to China, and I literally started crying. I replied with tears in my eyes, Yes. I am that Jakob. And I still love you. She asked for my email, I have it to her, and after about a month she came and visited me from California, where she had come back to from China. We are now together, and I plan to ask her to marry me on Valentines day.
              My world: Merlin 50
              Username: DarkClaw


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                Kimberly, my daughter, loved the game. She prodded and cajoled her way into getting gems, and she finally convinced me to join and be in her alliance. Through the game we escaped the reality of her leukemia. She became immersed in the medieval way. The game introduced her to a time when a princess was real and I was introduced to a woman within the shell of my daughter's body. I always saw her as my princess......but the game gave her inner self to see all things were possible. She has since passed and my enthusiasm for the game has waned greatly, but I play on just so no food is taken. Kimberly would scold me if I ever allowed food to be taken. Thanks for bringing out the beautiful light in my daughter.


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                    i started playing Kingdoms of Camelot about 2 years ago and have met many wonderful people. I met a dear friend DanofRomania who told his brother about the game and persuaded him to join in the fun and our alliance. RlDDlCK joined our alliance in May of 2013. A great friendship between the two of us began to develop. In the game. We worked as a team to share resources and train troops. We worked together on tactics during wars and found the talents that each of us had within the game. This bond soon moved out of KOC and we began texting and skyping. As we got to know each other better our love bloomed. Our love blossomed and grew, I knew in my heart that I met my soul mate. Than RlDDlCK asked me to be his wife! We are engaged to be married this fall. I never thought that a war game would bring the love of my life to me. The best man in the real world I met in Kingdoms of Camelot. My heart belongs to him forever … Thanks Kabam for bringing us together.



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                      My story is one of passion and love for an alliance on Percival 26 called Brimstone II. In July of 2012 I downloaded this app for currency for another game I was playing I became hooked. As time passed I became chancy of my alliance. In the early times you fought hard to earn a 212 to defend and fight with those you loved. But as I grew and fought along with my people I realized my love for them was deep. I would log on to hear their stories I would accept their friends and family to my alliance. These people are my family. My vc is like a sister I never had and I call her often. My other vc is a brother that puts a smile on my face. My officers are family as well. As crazy as it is to accept the other Royal Brimstone is my family too. They are brothers and sisters, cousins and aunts, mothers and fathers I love cherish and accept. Sure this may not be a love story about Romeo and Juliet but it's the story of a family that the game gave me that can not be undone and will forever will be near and dear to my heart.
                      Go Brimmers!
                      WarriorMaiden Percival 26


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                        How I met my girl

                        Last summer I started playing this game. I quickly got to know a lot of great people. Someone seemed to stand out though. There was someone else who had that strange sense of humor too. The someone who enjoyed a lot of the same things I did. We quickly started to chat privately. We used Line to communicate because of the server instabilities at that time. A few days into it we were talking on Skype and within a few more days we decided we wanted to meet. Things went really, really fast.
                        Problem was that I live in Europe, she lives in America. We really wanted to meet, and so we did. We arranged it so she could come visit me for 3 weeks after Christmas.
                        Truly the most amazing weeks of my life so far. We are now more in love than ever. Both of us are sure that we want to spend the rest of our lives together.
                        Hopefully, we can make it work this year or next year.

                        Happy Valentines from someone who truly found the love of his life :-)

                        rems, tristan72


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                          I met my soulmate in this game. She is the most beautiful, sweet, and kindhearted woman. I stay up late to Skype with her due to the time change. The best choice I made was to listen to my bro and start playing his game …. the game brought me my Titania. We will be married this fall. I can't wait for our wedding! I love you Titania. Muah.

                          Player: RlDDlCK
                          World: Merlin12


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                            Extended Family

                            Littiemzskittz p71

                            I've met some amazing people the last year and a half, that I've been playing. I'm most thankful for having such a great alliance. They are always there when I need, for fun times and sad times. Such a diverse group they have taught me so much about many things. I adore there humour, uniqueness, quirks and more. They will always have a special place in my heart and I only hope I can repay them as much as they have given to me. Be my Valentine Royal K! Love you guys x


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                              I would like to confess my strong unmistakable feelings for Merlin. Merlin treats me as if I was his own flesh and blood. He gives me free gifts and his silent grin confirms that he is happy when I accept them. Sometimes he even gives me premium gifts, sometimes I am hesitant to accept them but I always do because Merlin gave them to me and I trust Merlin. Merlin and I never have fights because Merlin always knows just what to say. Merlin is shy but I always tell Merlin things are going to be alright, and even though he doesn’t reply I know that from Merlin’s smile that he hears me and that’s all that matters. Sometimes Merlin gets a new snazzy outfit, whenever I compliment him he smiles; I like the Merlin’s snazzy outfits very much. Even though I cannot speak for merlin because he has never in fact spoken to me, I can say that our more than chivalrous bond will continue throughout the Kingdom of Camelot.