As a very addicted member, I am, along with other members, getting fed up of the disappointing prizes kabam are offering us in tournaments. Many of the prizes are offering gear and yet not one of my members have received such things and quite frankly it's quite disheartening. Lots of my members input money into the game to try and make our gaming experience much more fun. How can we possibly compete in the game if we are not getting a chance at the game. You (kabam) are killing the game completely and have lost a few members completely as they are feeling like the game has no meaning. I understand that you are a business and your key interest is making money, however there is nothing in return from you. In our last contest in 70 the prize awarded was a lionheart armory chest in which none of my members own gear. How can I possibly encourage my members to spend their well earned money when the only person winning is kabam. Not one person won gear! It's becoming quite a joke and a really disappointing game. If it wasn't for the sociability of the game then I know several more members would give up.

Another thing is the advertising of gear chests which guarantee gear, when in the subtext says there's only a chance! Absolutely ludicrous!!!!