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We can not trade for wondrous crystals in server 46

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  • We can not trade for wondrous crystals in server 46

    Ok During the last elevate-a-thon I posted that we don't have the wondrous crystals in the round tower and you completely ignored the post despite it being bumped up like 8 times. You also took the crystal chests out of the store. We could not get crystals at all. PLEASE put the wondrous crystals back in our round tower AND PLEASE change the drop rate for all crystals because its pathetic. ALSO, add some crystals into the various troop chests or into the next Merlin's Madness as a bonus (like you did before) so we have a few options to acquire them. Then hold an other elevate-a-thon soon to make up for the last one that we couldn't compete in. If you can reply and let us know you are actually doing something that would be great. If this post go's unanswered I'm done gemming for good.

    You have at least a few other things we need answers for. Attack wilds event has not been payed out and I had my entire alliance (PlannedDisorder in Ector46) attack to the daily limit so we should all get a 230 knight but we have gotten nothing so far. Same happened for the attack pict camps but I see it shows the results just today (I got first) but does not say when the payout is. Then you had two events for Beat the boss which apparently counts against the wild limit so most of us could not participate and the ones who could lost tons of troops and did not record any kills. I have many in my alliance that completely wasted their might for nothing. Please try to compensate ppl for their loss of might and maybe award us all some extra medals or something because we could not even participate.

    All we want are some assurances that you are aware of and you are working on a fair solution to each of these issues. I don't think that's asking a lot.

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    Everyone Please bump this post to the top until these issues get addressed. Thanks


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      Vort17 we can not craft wonderous crystals since the update.


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        Just keep buying gems and everything will be alright


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          Originally posted by Drogba_12 V36 View Post
          Just keep buying gems and everything will be alright
          That's what I've been doing and its not working!!! Need a new strategy!!! Seriously kabam, Its been like two weeks ffs!


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            Just tell me your looking into it...lie to me, I don't care!!! Give me something here!! I've been all over the forums posting sense the start of the event almost two weeks ago!!! I'm not asking much here just put the damn wondrous crystals back into round tower and add crystals with troop chests and Merlin's madness like you had done in the past so we can get some frickin crystals!! Then hold an other elevatea-thon soon to make up for us not being able to compete in the last one. We literally have no way to get crystals anymore.


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              They finally added the wondrous crystals back to the round tower but only for 1 day. I traded my pile of 300 sapphires which took forever to collect. I received 30 crystal chests and after opening the chests and getting all 1's 3's and a couple 5's in each chest I ended up with 60 crystals...I need 250 to upgrade a single building at this point and I would also like to use some of these sapphires to build the higher grade sapphires for all my gear but I can not do both at this exchange rate. This is a joke and the issues are just piling up but does not stop them from pumping out more events. I Just lost a few members that have been with my alliance for over a year. Changes have to be made and there are some easy fixes if kabam will listen to us. Here are my ideas that I hope to get support for from the KoC community . If kabam can not make these small changes this game is done.

              1) Slow down on events and deal with your payout issues: Take a step back and deal with these mounting issues, you don't need to be running events constantly. In the meantime hold a log-in event through December to support the players that try to play for free. These players make the game enjoyable for the gemmers but your loosing them because they can not compete. Without them this game is done. The mounting payout issues need to be dealt with somehow and if you messed something up to the point where you can not figure it out then come clean and tell us whats up and work out a fair compensation. So far we are waiting on the last Pict event payout, the attack wild event payout, the elevate payout to be fixed, and still waiting on the payout for the top 10 in the medal count which I should be getting a shield mastery.

              2) You need a better mix of events which non-gemmers can compete in: From now on we would like to see a few less ToM's and a few more events that actually involve playing the game. More log-in events would be great. Attack picts and wilds are also good event's for non-gemmers to actually have a chance to compete but you have to turn off the wild limits obviously.

              3) New Player Offers: Offers for new players are great but you need to limit them because ppl are opening new player accounts to cheat in tk events. Offer more city's and buildings but not gems or troops. Maybe have a special log-in event for a new player that logs in each day for a month can earn 200 gems rather then just giving gems to them because ppl are buying troops then hitting with there main account for easy tks. If they have to log in each day they would be more likely to be actual new players and not an alt. Also limiting new player protection to 3 days would put an end to bubble banks but you also have to do the next steps so people can protect there resources somewhat.

              4) Deal with the fury issue: We have been complaining about the fury ruining the game and everyone staying closed and hiding rss in bubble banks but you do nothing to address this. I have an easy way to fix these issues without making ppl give up their fury's. Make the counter to the fury last longer. Right now a skin is equal time to the fury but someone with a fury has the element of surprise and can easily just whisper someone to see if they are offline. Iron Skins are completely useless unless you happen to be online the exact moment you start to get hit because a guy with over 100mm can be zeroed in a couple minutes. Make the iron skin last 24 hours and let people trade the 2hr skin in for the 24hr one in the round tower. This will even things up a little bit but you could even make the skin last a week or make a new buff that is like 50% boost which last a week. Just something so a defender can counter in advance of an attack.

              5) Improve Wall Defense!!: Because an attacker has an element of surprise and the advantage of being able to plan an attack with many people or even multiple friendly alliances an open player needs a great advantage on defense. Walls are a crucial part of city defense but in this game they have always been completely useless. In fact, building a wall only makes you the target of attacks because people can get easy tk's from them. Because you have a limit to the size of a wall you could literally make a wall like 4-6 times stronger then they are now. If you did this it would bring an element to the game that has been completely missing, it would allow people to build walls and encourage them to take the risk and open up for the marshal bonus. It would allow people to keep their own resources on hand and allow alliances to build Huge banks which are secure but could be a good challenge for a group attack to try and bring down an enemy bank. Along with the improved Skin and the shortened beginner protection bubble banks would be a thing of the past and you wouldn't have all the abandoned accounts filling up our servers. People would open! People would fight! even better for kabam because if ppl are fighting they are enjoying the game and less likely to quit playing and they are losing might so need to buy more troop boxes to regain their might. They would buy more Skins so they could stay open for an extended period of time. Everyone wins!!

              These things should be very easy to implement and really they are a must if you want to turn around this game. After you deal with them you could look at some other ideas people have like cleaning up these old inactive accounts, server mergers, an item exchange to trade our piles of useless items for gems or gift items and gems to other people. As chancy I would love to be able to give away one of my extra grail training's or buy some gems for my weekly mvp. I'm begging you to take a serious look at these ideas for your sake and all of us that have so much already invested into this game.


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                Thanks Alien. We are trying to figure out new ways to mix things up. As of late we have been extending the event winners so almost all players that participate will win something. We have some other fixes in mind, but there's no time line on when they will be implemented.

                Blood Furies, yah, we know a lot of you hate them. I've been talking to the team.

                Thanks for the post. Real feedback is something that I read. I don't want to do a sloppy job. I want to make the community happy. Granted, you can never make anyone happy, but Kabam is full of gamers and we, especially myself, want to do a good job.


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                  Also, when I say I'm looking into it, I am. Things come up that delay the process but I try to get to everything.


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                    Jesse, why can't you respond to any other posts?


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                      Thanks Jesse, I know there are a lot of issues to deal with so we will try to be patient. I've thought hard about the idea's I put out here and think they are a very easy and fair fix to the major problems so I hope you can work with the development team and look seriously at them. They are idea's that will benefit both Kabam and its loyal players/customers who only want the best gaming experience. I have posted the same ideas in the suggestions section so the other user feedback that I get might be helpful. If you can keep us posted on any new info as you receive it would help us chancy's so we can let our people know, before they all quit, that you hear our concerns and are taking steps to make improvements to the game.