Here we go! Just like I said in an earlier post. We killed 500m troops during the Alliance Kills Tourney and the best we can get is a 220 Mystic Training. Now there's a Cross world ToM and top prize is 3x220 knights. And there's a new troop chest that comes out at the same time. Even the 3hr Train a Thon has a better pay out. 10th place in the Cross World is a better payout than all the prizes in the Kills Tourney put together. Pathetic. Why can we be rewarded for playing the game. Which takes time and effort to find open people to hit. All it takes for this is a debit card and a strong thumb to open chests. I'm so excited to level a knight up 1 level for my reward for killing so many troops. It would take 15 Kill Tourneys to get what 1st place gets for spending money. The TK comps always suck. Guess cause there's not a TK chest to buy. Can you please make a 10m TK chest for 35 gems? That way the prizes won't suck crap. The TK prizes should be more lucrative since we have to deplete our troops to win. Plus it's harder. At least go back to the old style might comp when it took skill to win. I won a 215 during a two day might comp and only gained 9m. Now in 2 hours it takes 50m to have a chance to place top 3. And I'm still waiting for you to open the inactives cities. People sitting on millions of might and haven't played in 5 months. And come up with a plan to merge servers. We are one or two TK events from being completely out of opens to kill. And quit giving out 220s and Fury like Pez. Fury didnt ruin the game, everybody having 20 is what did it. People have more Furies than Frenzies. Start putting some thought into the game and read some of these threads. I should say, take the input from them and not just look for threads to delete because its bad press for potential downloads.