Lords and Ladies of Camelot Northern Territories,
We'd like to extend a big thank you to everyone who participated in our Build-a-Thon event!

The 10 Winners of 250 Gems for
The Level 8 building are:

Drizz of Percival7, XmysticgoatX of Percival7, scan of Percival7, Scottland of Kay2, SirCracky of Kay2, Prego of Lancelot1,
CheTheGrate of Lancelot1, SPARTA123 of Gareth9, Erany of Gareth9 and Monkey of Merlin12

The 10 Winners of 500 Gems for The Level 9 building are:
Bosoxfan79 of Kay2, Toonn of Kay2, Blossom of Ector8, Ayden of Ector8, Creek of Ector8, MphishM5 of Gareth9, BuckNasty of Ector8, NicktheGreek of Gawain6, SirLillster of Gawain6 and maxtheaxe of Lancelot1

The 10 Winners of 1000 Gems for
The Level 10 building are:
otogidemon of Lancelot1, TerraCastle of Lancelot1, bReNgLiSh of Lancelot1, MJB of Merlin12, EpicLegion of Kay2, Princelot of Kay2,
Trevdog of Horsa11, Wei of Percival7, Nickademus of Percival7 and deathuncut of Ector8

ALSO: we will grant the Troops Mystery Chest to all players that purchased a Divine Inspiration during the Build-a-Thon event within tomorrow Wednesday May 2nd