Lords and Ladies of Camelot Northern Territories,
The Attack the Pictish Camps Event is now over and we'd like to extend a big thank you to everyone who participated!

The 10 Winners are:
- KingPeter of Lancelot1
- Gokiller of Horsa11
- charger1 of Hengist10
- Kfalcon of Hengist10
- steven1989 of Kay2
- Bluebell of Kay2
- Bish of Percival7
- CharlesFrost of Kay2
- srmuistsh of Merlin12
- Larrylord of Ector8

Each player won the following Prizes:
- 250 Gems
- 1 Train with Arthur
- 1 Divine Inspiration
- 1 million of each Resources (Food, Wood, Ore and Stone)
- 1 million of Gold

Congratulations to the Winners and thanks again for playing and keep on the look out for more in-game contests!