Mighty Knights,

Participate in the Train-a-Thon of Might gained! The brave lord/lady with the highest Might gain will be granted 2x Blood Furies and 2x Ironskins! Push your might to its limits!

Here are the prizes:

1st place: 2x Blood Fury & 2x Ironskin
2nd place: 1x Blood Fury & 1x Ironskin
3rd place: 1x Blood Fury
4th-10th place: 1x Train with Arthur
11th-25th place: 5x Pendragon Mystery Chests
25th-50th place: 2x Pendragon Mystery Chests

This Might Train-a-Thon determines the strongest lord/lady of our kingdom! Do you feel challenged? Then go for it! You have from 7/19, 12pm PST (19:00 Camelot time) until 7/22, 12pm PST (19:00 Camelot time) My lords, let the games begin!

Note: Troop Chests will not count for might gained. After the event ends, come back to the Event Center to claim your prize by 7/25.